Oceanside pier maintenance planned

Oceanside pier maintenance planned
Harsh weather demands ongoing pier maintenance. Support braces for the pier are replaced as funds allow. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — Oceanside’s 1,942-foot pier will soon have 67 of its weather-worn support braces replaced.

The work is part of an ongoing maintenance program to replace all 2,000 original steel braces from the west end to the east as funds allow.

The pier was built in the 1987.

To date more than a quarter of the braces have been switched out. Deck planking has also been changed as needed, with a bulk of decking replaced in 2013.

Ballard Marine Construction of Oakland was hired by the city to do the current work at a price tag of $200,000.

This is the city’s fifth beach pier.

Oceanside’s first pier was built in 1888 further south at Wisconsin Street.

Following severe storms the pier was rebuilt at its present location on Pier View Way in 1894.

Harsh weather continued to batter the pier that was reconstructed three more times in 1903, 1927 and the 1980s.

The pier remains an iconic city landmark, and is the location of the annual Labor Day Swim, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club contest, World Body Surfing Championships and other memorable events.


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