Vaccination risks: Knowledge is power

Kudos to Stephanie Dumont for her insightful article on political, ethical and financial concerns regarding the proposed SB 277.

The cost of insuring against vaccine injuries will be passed along to the school districts, who can ill afford it.

The previous article written by Thomas Elias did little more than propagandize for the pro-vaccination lobby.

For example, the measles outbreak that occurred in the Del Mar Union school district last year involved a majority of vaccinated students.

It would seem that these vaccinations carry a definite risk, with a decidedly indefinite promise of immunity.

Last week two babies died and 14 more were hospitalized in a small Mexican village after being vaccinated.

A personal report to the author indicated that the death toll was actually seven.

An internal memo from the manufacturer did not require a recall of “hot lots” but rather an order to break up these lots of vials so that one population would not suffer an unusually high rate of adverse reactions.

Folks, these are pharmaceutical corporations you are entrusting with your child’s health.

They are not exactly public service organizations and the revolving door between the FDA, the CDC, and private industry in paved with gold.

The wolf is guarding the chicken coop: are your chickens safe?

The self-righteous senator who introduced the bill has benefited from this highly profitable relationship.

The bottom line is innocent children are now dead and damaged.

Do you want yours to be next?

If you are worried about your susceptible infants being exposed to the unvaccinated, you live in the wrong place.

We have open borders. Tuberculosis is everywhere. If the government’s concern were your child’s public health, this would not be the case. SB277 means the government owns your child, it’s that simple.

That was last the case during the era of slavery. Get ready for more of the same.

Federally mandated vaccinations is coming for everyone, and soon.

Don’t you find it strange that so many states are submitting similar compulsory vaccinations bills at the same time?

The CDC is pulling the strings and their agenda is largely unknown.

Unless you trust that every vaccination is contaminant free, has only the ingredients listed, and that all those factors (viral DNA fragments, fetal cell lines, trace metals) are completely safe, you had better think twice about injecting them into your body or forcing someone else to do so.

This event in Mexico was very timely in provoking us to consider the wisdom of forced, government-mandated vaccinations.

Of course these “statistics” won’t count according to the CDC because the adverse events did not occur in the U.S.

Sadly, most adverse reactions to vaccinations in the U.S. are not reported, in part because of the stringent time reporting requirements.

A baby that dies over two weeks later, or shows signs of autism a month later is simply not a significant statistic.

Scientifically it is difficult to prove a negative, yet the CDC adheres to the mantra that “it couldn’t be the vaccines.”

One of the main studies used to back up that claim was the Danish study.

The chief investigator, Poul Thorsen was indicted for financial fraud for embezzling the funds meant to conduct the study. Yet he was not changed with scientific fraud.

The CDC did not re-evaluate their conclusions that MMR does not cause autism.

How strange.

Do you find it even more odd that Dr. Wakefield was charged with scientific fraud for a small-scale study that thousands of mothers of autistic children will confirm is accurate?

You must do your own due diligence to discover the truth.

Wouldn’t it make sense to refrain from any further submission to vaccination until you are completely certain that it is safe and effective?

As Ms. Dumont pointed out, “safe” only means the number of kids that were killed or damaged is at an acceptable level of collateral damage and statistics were appropriately skewed.

“Effective” means produces an antibody titer, not protection from any particular disease.

Why else would an increasing schedule of booster be required?

I would be happy to provide an extensive scientific bibliography of references to anyone who wants to do their due diligence in this matter.

I performed several years of research at a major medical school working under world class mentors that were nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2013.

My graduate degree is in the field of microbiology and immunology.

You may contact me:

Dr. S.E. Rogers has a master’s of science in microbiology  and immunology.


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