To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is not the question

There are many citizens polarized on the topic of proposed Bill SB277, which would require all children in public and private schools, in the state of California, to be fully immunized according to government mandated schedule. Immunization rates are right where they need to be.  So, why do we need Bill SB277?

There is a great deal of fear regarding Bill SB277, as it removes the right of informed medical consent from parents of California, and is being quietly slid through the Senate right now on its way to the Assembly.  If parents in the state of California actually knew what was going on with Bill SB277 they would be outraged!

Sen. Richard Pan, the co-author of this bill, has misled the public and our elected officials, telling Senators anything they want to hear to get this bill passed, and making last minute shifts in responsibility from exemption for the State of California to the backs of school districts themselves, who are already strapped, to bypass the Appropriations Committee hearing. To make things worse, Pan and several other Senators tied to Bill SB277 have taken campaign contribution money from the manufactures of these vaccines.  California is the state that Merck needs to win.  What happens in California will spread across the nation. Parents need to know the facts on SB277.

Separate but equal is not equal.  Remember Brown vs. Board of Education? It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.   Fully mandated vaccinated kids drink from the water fountain to the left, selectively vaccinated kids drink from the water from the fountain to the right. Does this sound fair and just?  This bill could force many families out of California public schools, even if they were only to skip or delay a single vaccination!  This bill would force children with legitimate medical reasons or a parent/doctor vaccination schedule other than government mandate, to home school their kids!  This could force families to have to move out of the state of California because they are single parent or dual income families who can’t afford the cost to home school.

California needs to allow Bill AB2109 to do its job, it’s working.  The Personal Belief Exemption rate has dropped by 20 percent since this bill became law just 16 months ago.

Assembly Bill 2109 “requires parents who request immunization exemptions to obtain signed documentation from a health professional that they have been informed of the benefits and risks of immunizations.”  Assembly Bill 2109 is an ethical, responsible, and effective bill that has already solved the problem Senator Pan says SB277 will fix.  So, why do we need bill SB277?

One size does not fit all.  Every child’s body functions differently, this must be taken into consideration. Palo Alto Medical Foundation just reported that 4,300 children might have been given compromised vaccines up to March 2015.  If there is any risk, there must be a choice; or at least an option for parents who believe it is safer to vaccinate their children on a different schedule than that of the government.

Vaccination is not immunization. Vaccines do not cause immunity, they only lessen symptoms.  Vaccines have time periods of efficacy before they need to be given again or multiple times, as the CDC is now stating with the current MMR.

The Disneyland Measles incident exacerbated by the media, barely discussed that over half of the people who contracted the measles were immunized. Pan admitted to the Senate “they did not know who the actual culprit was and that they did not know if the culprit was an American citizen.” It’s apparent that foreign travelers brought measles into Disneyland, with over 55,000 visitors on any given day, what does that have to do with healthy children in the public school system of California?

Under Bill SB277, parents of children who have been injured by vaccines will be required to vaccinate their other children of that same genetic family; which would be like playing Russian roulette. Parents need to make informed medical procedure decisions for their children, not Senators!  Parents need to know that there are currently laws in place to protect pharmaceutical companies from liability if their child is or was to become vaccine injured.  Who is liable for vaccine related injuries that will take place?  Are the school districts liable?  Is a person that forces a child to get a vaccine liable? The companies that design these drugs, like Merck, must be held liable and responsible for the transparency of ingredients and consequences of side affects or possible death.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is not the question.  Bill SB277 does not protect our children or improve public safety.  Bill SB277 ignores religious, moral, and ethical objections of California parents. Bill SB277 is a Pandora’s box of lawsuits against California School Districts.

Our tax dollars currently used to educate children will be swallowed to cover settlements for vaccine related injuries.  So, tell me why we need this bill again?

Stefanie Dumont is an Encinitas resident and executive coach with Dynamic Progress Coaching and parent of two.


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