Encinitas celebrates Nimoy with week of ‘Spock Block’

Encinitas celebrates Nimoy with week of ‘Spock Block’
Encinitas Councilman Tony Kranz and Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar don their best “Star Trek” outfits in front of City Hall on Thursday for the proclamation of Spock Block week. Photo by Tony Cagala

ENCINITAS — Vulcan Avenue: The not-so-final frontier. Voyage a block of this avenue — between D and E streets — for a weeklong mission to celebrate the life of Leonard Nimoy — the most prominent of Vulcans.

Nimoy, who passed away in February, portrayed the character of Spock from the planet Vulcan in the “Star Trek” TV series and movies.

Encinitas Councilman Tony Kranz introduced the idea of a “Spock Block” to honor Nimoy for a week on the avenue and to encourage more visitors to downtown Encinitas.

The idea for the Spock Block was approved unanimously by the City Council on March 18.

On Thursday, (Nimoy’s birthday), Mayor Kristin Gaspar, dressed in her best Star Trek regalia and a jet-black wig, issued a special Trekkie proclamation, declaring the area “Spock Block” for the week.

“Creativity and having fun is the main objective. Something that would appeal to the human side of Mr. Spock,” Gaspar said.

Several businesses and restaurants in the area are offering discounts during the week for those Trekkies and non-Trekkies that participate: At Lobster West it’s “Live long and lobster.” Mention Spock Block for a free cup of soup with the purchase of any roll. At the Bier Garden get $5 off on the Spock Block Bock. Book Tales is offering 10 percent off purchases for wearing pointy ears.

At the Encinitas 101 MainStreet office, get 20 percent off by giving the Vulcan salute.


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