Handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee from the heart of Leucadia

Handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee from the heart of Leucadia
Scott MacBride from Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee and their cool blue bottles. Photo by David Boylan


As of about two weeks ago after stumbling upon my friend Scott MacBride and his new venture, Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee, I am now officially a cold brew coffee snob. Not that I was ever a cold brew connoisseur, far from it, I’ve only sampled it in the past. But this stuff is amazing and once I latch on to a brand I love, especially a local one, I’m hooked. I wanted to get educated on the cold brewed thing so I caught up with Scott recently to learn more.

OK, first things first, what exactly is cold brewed coffee, what is the process behind making it?
Cold Brew coffee is essentially coffee that is brewed slowly with cool water over an extended period of time. It takes anywhere from 12-24 hours and the result is something delicious that’s quite a bit different from regularly brewed coffee.

What is the difference between your produced and regular coffee on ice?
Cold Brew tastes significantly smoother and has a really enjoyable flavor without the bitterness of regular coffee. The reason being is that the cold brewing process extracts a lot less of the bitter acids and oils that are extracted when coffee is exposed to boiling water. Without getting too technical the chemical reactions that take place when you brew it hot, and then shock the coffee by throwing it on ice, brings out even more of the sharp, bitter, flat taste.

It says on the label to enjoy it hot or cold…I would gravitate towards cold with this, but you are saying I can heat it up and it tastes just as good?
Most people enjoy it cold since fans of cold brew like cold coffee, but it also tastes great when heated. Since it hasn’t undergone as many chemical changes in the brewing process it maintains its structure and great flavor when heated. It’s really easy in the morning when you need a quick boost before getting out the door.

I noticed is less acidic that regular coffee, that’s a good thing for folks with acid reflux.
Since it is around 70 percent less acidic it’s much easier on digestion and absorbs more naturally into the body. People who didn’t even like coffee before try it and are surprised that without the bitterness they even like it black.

What are your favorite ingredients to combine with Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee in cold form?
There are a lot of things that combine well and people are getting really creative with it. I am a bit of a purist and tend to drink it black. It’s delicious with some coconut or almond milk and definitely good old half-half. A little Baileys or Kalua is also a nice addition for an extra happy coffee.

You have connections in Brazil and founded Jupiter with your dad Tim MacBride; tell me about how both shaped your appreciation and knowledge of coffee.
When I really became passionate about coffee from being exposed to the art of roasting I wanted to learn all aspects of it from growing, producing, shipping, roasting and brewing. I needed to see and experience for myself what it takes to get coffee from a farm somewhere in the world, to your everyday cup. Last summer I took the opportunity to go to Brazil to do some charity work and seek out coffee farms to volunteer on which really gave me a deeper appreciation and knowledge of all the hard work that goes into coffee. It was during the World Cup and my love of soccer inspired me to give back by giving away soccer balls to underprivileged kids. Giving back to the communities I worked in was really rewarding and something I look to expand on in the future. My Dad and I work great as a team, share similar interests and are excited we found a way shape that into a business.

You also have a connection to Revolution Roasters, who roast some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.
I’d have to agree with you that it’s definitely some of the best coffee around. The coffee we use is crucial to the great taste of our cold brew and working closely with Revolution Roasters to get fresh beans every week is one of the things that makes our cold brew special. We are taking a craft, artisan and local approach to everything we do and we believe all those things make a positive difference and are hopefully something the community will stand behind.

Where did the name Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee come from and what was behind the cool blue bottle?
Jupiter is a combination of a few things that just fit and flowed. It’s the street we live on, the roots of which go back to the Greek names that Leucadia streets are based around. I also have an interest in astronomy, and like the planetary aspects of Jupiter. With the blue bottles we wanted to convey something special, cool, and that people will notice. We come from a place in Encinitas where the blue ocean is a big part of life and think people will connect with that and take the time to repurpose, reuse or recycle the bottles.

Where can folks find your stuff?
You can always find us at Encinitas and Leucadia farmers market! There are a number of locations around North County and hopefully more to come soon. We are in Just Peachy Market, Mozy Cafe, Fish 101, Waters Fine Foods, Moonlight Deli, Local Greens, Mantra Yoga & Juice Bar, Royal and Leucadia Liquor stores, Peace Pies and Cream of the Crop.

Try this coffee now, it’s good stuff!  Learn more at jupitercoldbrew.com


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