Oceanside dog rescued with Jaws of Life

Oceanside dog rescued with Jaws of Life
Carlsbad Firefighters respond to a call to help rescue a dog that got stuck in between metal storage containers at South Oceanside Elementary on Monday. Courtesy photo

OCEANSIDE — A day of frolic turned into a rescue when a dog became stuck between two storage containers and needed the assistance of rescue personnel and the Jaws of Life to get out.

On March 8 Oceanside youth were playing with Rhodesian Ridgeback “Spike” at South Oceanside Elementary. The dog ran behind a group of metal storage containers and became wedged between them when he tried to exit forward through the narrowed opening. The dog got stuck about six feet from the front of the containers.

Spike emerges from in between the metal containers after they're separated. Courtesy photo

Spike emerges from in between the metal containers after they’re separated. Courtesy photo

The dog owner worked with school staff to try to free the dog. When efforts failed a 911 call was made and a team of three Carlsbad firefighters responded.

Several attempts were made by firefighters to free Spike, but it was determined they did not have the necessary equipment to move the steel containers.

An Oceanside ladder truck was requested, and a team of five Oceanside firefighters responded with the Jaws of Life to separate the containers.

Once the containers were moved apart the dog owner coaxed Spike out.

“After a little hesitation, Spike finally walked to freedom with his wagging tail slapping the metal containers the whole way out,” Pete Lawrence, Oceanside battalion chief, reported.

The dog reunited with his owner and walked to his nearby home uninjured.


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