What surprises may come

Happy holidays, to all our everlovin’ friends and family.

Gosh! It’s that time again and can you believe the year has already flown by? Me either, and, well, I just can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

As 2014 wraps up, my adorable husband Ralph, hasn’t come out of his “workshop” (the garage) for several weeks, determined to finish his image of Jimi Hendrix done in old tires and aluminum cans, in time for the county fair.

His job keeps calling and I don’t know how long I can convince them he has Ebola.

Our precious daughter just took her bar exam for the eighth time, that little vixen.

She studied up during her stay at the correctional facility after that silly misunderstanding when jewelry, make-up and a fur coat fell into her purse as she left the store.

She is determined to make a career in personal injury, being so inspired by that sincere man we see in the commercials.

Our Tommy is graduating from Smith-Stumblebum International Academy and has just made such an impression there.

Ralph got everyone calmed down after some fuss about Tommy’s teammates’ broken ribs and concussions in lacrosse.

He’s just such an enthusiastic player!

We saw some large man in a hat and sunglasses talking with him after the game last week, and Tommy said it was a recruiter, kind of.

He is asking for a set of weights and a membership at the gun club for Christmas. Isn’t that cute?

Our sweet pooch Murgatroyd was mortified to be disqualified from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show after being accused of biting both a judge and a tiresome little Yorkie. There was a lot of shouting about three-time champion or something. I’m letting Ralph handle that.

I am wonderful, just loving all three of my jobs and can’t decide which I like best — kennel picker-upper, airport cleaning crew or that phone bank. Life is just never dull, I can tell you.

Send your holiday greetings to the P.O. box, as we may well be at a new address before they arrive. Can life get any more exciting than finding another apartment every six months? I don’t think so.

May your next year be filled with surprises!


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