In Loving Memory Casey-Patrick Cochrane Geer July, 12 1991-Nov. 10, 2012

Two years without you.  My grief is still profound.  Devastation.  It’s like a light in my heart has been extinguished forever.  Every single day hurts.  A friend recently wrote to me “Remember to live”.  I am trying.  Your Mommy and your brother Cameron-Daniel, miss you so.  Your family and friends love you, miss you, remember you always.  You had the kindest, purest heart I have ever known.  21 is too young to die.

Message to kids:  If you love your family, don’t experiment with drugs.  Drugs Kill.  Heroin Kills.  And yes, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

I love you so, my

Your grieving Mommy


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