Design flaws addressed at Maple Street Plaza

Design flaws addressed at Maple Street Plaza
A construction worker takes out pavers that couldn’t bear the weight of a car. Concrete will be set to allow for vehicle use. Photo by Ellen Wright

ESCONDIDO — Maple Street Plaza is undergoing construction until Nov. 17 to address design flaws. Traffic will be affected on Grand Avenue for short periods of time.

The Schmidt Design Group Inc., Kimley-Horn and Associates and Aquatic Design Group designed the plaza and, according to Julie Procopoio, assistant director of public works, the designers notice the problems immediately.

The consultants will pay $69,700 to fix the design errors, Procopio said.

Construction workers will replace broken concrete pavers and work on pedestrian access ramps, according to Procopio.

The fountain and splash pad area are also undergoing maintenance. The fountain will be turned off for 30 days during construction.

“We’re finding that there was some spillover on the fountain. The grate wasn’t catching all the water so we’re adding another capture point so that we can capture all of the water and re-circulate it,” Procopio said.

The plaza will still be accessible to pedestrians and the alley between Escondido Boulevard and Broadway will remain open during construction.

Cars will not be allowed access between Grand Avenue and the alley to the north for short periods of time. The specific dates of closure depend on how quickly construction goes.

“It’s a new concept to have this shared pedestrian vehicle space,” Procopio said.

There’s a risk construction will last longer if it rains or if there are other unforeseen complications, Procopio said, but it should be done by the end of November at the latest.

The plaza is still open for pedestrian use but designated areas are blocked off to ensure safety.


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