Filing period opens for City Council candidates

OCEANSIDE — On July 14 the filing period opened for city council candidates. By July 16, two incumbents and two new candidates pulled papers to run.

Those who look to be in the running are Councilman Jerry Kern, Councilman Gary Felien, Robert Tran and Ray Ream.

Both incumbents have declared their intention to run.

Kern, 62, has served two terms as councilman. He said this is his last run for City Council.

He has not ruled out running for mayor in the future.

Kern has been a resident of Oceanside for 39 years.

He worked as an educator for 20 years, both as a high school teacher and as cofounder of Pacific View Charter School.

“My goal is the same, long-term viability of Oceanside,” Kern said.

Kern stressed it has consistently been his goal to make Oceanside a great place to live and work, by maintaining infrastructure, increasing businesses and jobs and sustaining parks and recreation.

Felien, 55, has served one term as councilman, and two years as city treasurer.

He was appointed to city treasurer after former Treasurer Rosemary Jones passed away.

Halfway through his term as treasurer, he made a successful run for City Council.

Felien has been a resident of Oceanside for 26 years.

He worked in corporate accounting and financing for 22 years. His last position was as a senior vice president of finance.

Felien said he wants to keep Oceanside moving in the right direction.

“Maintain fiscal responsibility, preserve neighborhood services and promote economic growth,” Felien said are his goals.

Two first-time candidates also have their sights set on a City Council seat.

Prospective candidate Tran, 32, is a born and raised Oceanside native.

This is his first run for political office.

Tran works as a technical consultant and most recently volunteers his services.

“The most important thing for me is small businesses,” Tran said. “Anything that improves businesses and gives individuals a chance.”

Prospective candidate Ream could not be reached for an interview.

Former Councilman Chuck Lowery announced his intention to run for office, but had not pulled papers as of July 16.

Interested candidates have until Aug. 8 to complete paperwork, which includes 20 verified residents’ signatures, in order to run in the Nov. 4 election.

Mayor Jim Wood has not yet made a formal candidate endorsement, but has said he supports Lowery in his run for office.

Councilwoman Esther Sanchez has expressed online support for Ream.


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