Mural brings nostalgia for driving Route 395

Mural brings nostalgia for driving Route 395
From left, Allen Morris and Gary Van Eik wax nostalgic and admire the Route 395 Vista Mural at North Michigan and Main Street, inspired by classic cars from the Route’s heyday. For information, visit HYPERLINK "" Courtesy photo

VISTA — Hundreds of people came to marvel on the evening of June 28, at the debut of the Route 395 Vista Mural at North Michigan/Main Street surrounded by the seven classic cars that inspired the colorful 14-foot-by-70-foot piece.


The design was created by Kait Matthews, owner of ArtBeat on Main Street just up the street from the mural, and painted by Cyndi Kostylo, Mo McGee, Raziah Roushan and Phyllis Swanson. It was commissioned by the Vista Village Business Association (VVBA).

Event-goer Daryl McFarland, who works nearby, said, “I love it! The mural is one more piece of the overall revitalization of the area. It will definitely bring more people and business downtown.”

Matthews says that is precisely what she, the VVBA and other civic-minded Vistans intend. “The mural speaks to the heart of Vista. Many people’s roots go deep.”

That’s for sure, said Gary Van Eik, who brought his fire-red 1925 Model T to the debut. “I’ve had this car for 59 years, since I was 13. I drove it to school when I attended Vista High and it’s crazy to now see it immortalized on the mural.”

1951 Mercury owner Allen Morris revealed his connection to the historic area, saying, “I used to work at the gas station that was here on the corner, right where my car is now pictured.”

In addition to the vintage cars owned and still driven by locals, the mural depicts iconic downtown destinations such as the Avo and Pepper Tree that have been part of Vista life for decades.

For information, visit  HYPERLINK “”



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