Investigation of puppy mill store…Really?

Regarding the June 20 story, “Weekly protesters continue eight-month rally outside of pet shop” was little more than a he said/she said story.

Had the article gone deeper into the “proud” owner David Salinas’ claims that his puppies come from “high quality breeders who meet USDA breeding standards” the story would have found facts to support “protester” Leslie Davies’ claims that these “breeders” are really nothing more than breeding factories that often house over 400 dogs.

His puppy store, which holds 35 or more puppies in glass cages each with neon lights, mere breathing holes and rabbit feeder water tubes, (all legal of course) have cards under each enclosure as required by law to say where these puppies come from…none from California, but states in the Midwest and South where the laws are lax and few inspectors to enforce minimal standards of humane treatment because dogs are deemed LIVESTOCK. .To learn about the horrors of the conditions of these facilities that the dogs and breeding females endure and the reality of legal USDA approved kennels google: Oprahdocumentary/lisalingpuppymills.

David Salinas was forced to close his puppy store in San Diego when in July 2013 the City Council voted unanimously to ban stores selling puppies, exempting of course shelters finding homes for rescued animals.

So Mr. Salinas moved to self-proclaimed “business friendly” Oceanside where the City Council majority sided with him and encouraged people to support his store.

Please note that Esther Sanchez and Mayor Jim Wood (who called closing his business a “no-brainer”) voted to ban puppy stores after doing the research on where these animals actually come from.

Every week after traveling across the country, a long unmarked windowless Hunte Corporation truck pulls up to the store and through a small hatch, young, precious puppies of many different popular breeds are passed through.

Many look under the legal 8-week-old limit.If you’re standing close enough to the truck you can hear the crying and the smell of urine and feces.

The article quotes the Hunte Corporation, who sells these puppies, as saying they check out who they buy their “product” from to ensure “top quality,” and they are proud to claim to be the “largest U.S. distributor of dogs.”

In fact they are a wholesale procurer of puppies and a broker, selling more than 90,000 dogs a year.

This does not include over 1,000 pounds of animal carcasses found on their property in 2007.

They currently have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau of Missouri. If you google: Puppymillsproject/HunteCorp, you may be sickened by the reality of what you’ll learn.

If you visit Mr. Salinas store you’ll find a very convincing man who claims to care about his animals,(who wouldn’t defend their position on animal abuse?), but despite the claim that veterinarians check these animals, there is no way to identify lineage, congenital disease, in breeding or any future illness that may, and too often, does occur.

There is no regard for the health of these innocent pups. The only concern is to sell you a dog.

Final note: If a pure breed dog or puppy is a must for you, there are rescue groups for most breeds, and reputable breeders in California.

But if they won’t let you see the parents, that’s a strong red flag.

Personally, my best friends have all been rescued mixed breeds who have the best of many qualities, and when I rescued them, they rescued me right back.

Laurie Michaels is an Encinitas resident.



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