PACT offers teens summer theater

ENCINITAS — Since 2008, Positive Action Community Theatre (PACT) has been offering inclusive performing arts programs to children, teens and adults with unique needs in the North County area.

PACT performing arts programs are a great place to cultivate artistic talents and learn life skills like self-esteem, cooperation, fitness and creativity to encourage success in all areas of life. In addition to improvisational theater, PACT also offers inclusive performing arts workshops, where participants enjoy group singing and choreographed dancing.

Co-founder and Executive Director Kathryn Campion said, “We are very happy to have found an effective way to help those with unique needs to express their unique gifts.  We all benefit from their contributions to our community.”

Anne Barber, a parent of a teen with autism reflects “In many social programs for kids on the autistic spectrum, all of the participants have disabilities and so higher-functioning kids like my son don’t have peers without disabilities to learn from. This program solves that challenge creatively.”

PACT programs fill an often unmet need for those on the autism spectrum in our community, bringing them together with their typical teens in a fun and creative environment where they learn the skills they need to reach their full potential. Volunteers serve as peer mentors as they participate as equals with the group.

PACT workshop directors are educated and experienced not only in the performing arts but in helping those with autism be all they can be. Scholarships are available, and PACT is always looking for good volunteers. Learn more at

In addition, PACT is currently forming an advisory board of top-level professionals to assist those on the autism spectrum in finding and keep their perfect jobs. The long-range goal of the project is to establish a successful business that is owned and operated by individuals with autism. Anyone interested in being involved may contact PACT Co-founder/Executive Director Kathryn Campion by e-mail at  HYPERLINK “” or by calling (760) 815-8512 or visiting



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