RSF Association Board approves a one-time budget increase

RANCHO SANTA FE —During the last RSF Association Board Meeting, peppered throughout the crowd were representatives from the California Highway Patrol, CHP Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP), and Explorer Post Program. On the agenda —a review of their annual budget, including a one-time boost for $1,500.

The board unanimously agreed on repeating the same budget amount for the SVP at $4,000, and $4,500 for CHP Explorer Post Program, which is usually at $3,000. The reason for the $1,500 increase was to purchase a trailer to haul around equipment for special events.

Rancho Santa Fe Association acting manager Ivan Holler started with the agenda introduction.

“Starting back in 1999, the Association has provided annual funding to the Senior Volunteer Patrol of the CHP as well as those to the young men and women that are in their Explorer Program,” Holler said. “There are some representatives here today.”

First up was Matthew Wellhouser, patrol chief of the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, who explained that every year, funding is reviewed for CHP senior volunteers and Explorers, since they are a big part of the community.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Scott Payson, from the Oceanside office, then addressed the board.

“I want to thank the board for the past contribution you have given to our(Explorer) Post,” Payson said. “Without your funding we’re lost. We have an annual budget of about ($6,000 to $7,000) a year and that provides uniforms to those who cannot afford it, in addition to events that we go to compete in.”

Payson called their CHP Explorer Post Program successful. He has been part of it since 1995.

Payson reminded the board of the letter sent to them a few weeks ago asking for a $1,500 increase in the budget.

“The reason is we are trying to buy a trailer which will go to events like parades and we need equipment taken to a post,” Payson said. He continued, “Other than patrol car trunks, we have no other vehicles to transport that stuff. Whether you support the trailer or not we still appreciate everything you do for us.”

The board approved the motion and now the trailer can be purchased.

Lt. Preston Keul of the CHP Explorer Post Program spoke to the board.

“I don’t know if you remember me from last year, I remember a few of you, and I had a pretty a hard time speaking,” said Keul, adding how he often paused during sentences last time.

Since his promotion in the Explorer Post Program things have changed. Keul said he’s had time to improve his confidence, public speaking skills and leadership which is a big part of being an Explorer.

“The other big part is helping the community and helping the officers in the community like participating in events. I want to thank you all for donating money to the Post,” Keul said.

Next up was a SVP representative, Capt. John Green, who has been part of the volunteer program for 13 years.

“I want to thank you very much for your support,” he told the board.

Green went on to say that currently the SVP is trying to recruit more people into their academy. “We’re trying to get a younger bunch, in their late fifties and sixties,” he said.

The SVP has a patrol car at the R. Roger Rowe School nearly every day and are on hand to fill the gap with traffic control and other duties.

Holler thanked everyone for taking out the time to come to the board meeting and the group was happy for the ongoing support.


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