Chamber sponsors group to support fire victims

CARLSBAD —The Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance has launched an initiative to assist Carlsbad businesses and residents affected by the Poinsettia Fire. This effort was designed to ensure that assistance is effectively used and distributed.

The Alliance consists of representatives from the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, the city of Carlsbad and businesses. It plans to help the business community with disaster response training and community planning.

“When disaster strikes, our first instinct is to give,” said Ted Owen, president and CEO of the chamber. “While we appreciate that instinct, we want to make sure that charitable donations go directly to those affected by the fire, that they are helpful and secure.”

Through a Web site,, the Alliance will give the public information on how they can make monetary donations that will help the recovery and rebuilding efforts. The site also provides a process by which people can sign up to donate goods and services. The Alliance will also work with business owners affected by the May 14 fire to find temporary workspaces.

Deb Beddoe, chairwoman of the Alliance, said the site will serve as a clearinghouse for those who are offering in-kind donations.

“We want to avoid having people donate items or services that are not needed,” Beddoe said. “Going through the methods detailed on is a good way to ensure you’re truly making a difference.”

The Alliance will assist business owners, whose offices were affected by the fire, secure temporary office space. Local businesses have already offered space for those who need it. Business owners can go to the Web site for more information.

The Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance was created in 2010. It promotes business emergency preparedness and response through services, educational programs and cooperative partnerships that combine business continuity with community preparedness and recovery.

For questions, contact the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce at (760) 931-8400.



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