Grant aids community health

SAN MARCOS — North County Health Services announced it has received an “Innovations in Community Health” grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, a private foundation created by CVS Caremark Corporation in partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers. The $38,676.00 grant has been awarded as part of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust’s commitment to help support community health and expand access to quality health care.

The “Innovations in Community Health” grant will help NCHS support the automated phone call and text services that reach out to patients with uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma and other chronic diseases. This will allow NCHS to better track the health of patients and increase quality of care.

During the past two years, the “Innovations in Community Health” grants, which total more than $2 million, have been awarded to community health centers nationwide to support the development of innovative, community-based programs and initiatives that focus on the treatment and management of chronic illnesses, specifically heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and asthma.

“Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States, and we are honored to receive an ‘Innovations in Community Health’ grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust to help us produce better health outcome for our patients,” Director of Operations Support Joseph Crain said. “This support helps us continue our mission to build a healthier community in North County.”

The “Innovations in Community Health” grants are part of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust’s $5 million commitment to expanding access to quality health care nationwide through partnerships with NACHC, the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics and the School-Based Health Alliance.



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