Filmmakers shine at inaugural student film festival

Filmmakers shine at inaugural student film festival
Left to right: Khira Layton, director of the Gentleman’s Bartender, with actress Shelby Caughron and actor Jose Balistrieri.

ENCINITAS — Filmmakers stepped out onto the red carpet for the inaugural Encinitas Student Film Festival Apr. 6 at the historic La Paloma Theatre.

Encompassing genres from comedy to drama, 35 short films from high school and junior college students screened at the event.

The festival was unique for first offering a symposium back in February to teach students the art of filmmaking.

More than 100 students attended that event, learning from Emmy-award winning and Academy Award nominees, who presented workshops on all major filmmaking disciplines.

Once students honed their skills, they were invited to create their own works and submit them for the April 6 screening.

Acclaimed Hollywood writer and director Jordan Roberts not only participated in the symposium, he will later give feedback on Milquetoast, a short film directed by Jason Phillips that took home festival Award of Excellence.

Photos by Jared Whitlock 


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