Free Wi-Fi comes to Sprinter

COAST CITIES — Passengers riding the Sprinter light-rail system are now able

to connect to free Wi-Fi while on board the trains. North County Transit District is

offering the Wi-Fi service to enhance the commuting experience for Sprinter


NCTD Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Cashin said that the connectivity should be

“extremely reliable” since the Sprinter travels primarily along city streets. However, connection speeds may vary depending on the number of passengers using the network at one time and what they are using it for.

“The free Wi-Fi service is only intended for light Internet usage such as checking e-mail and browsing the Internet. In order to provide a good experience for all of our

passengers, we request users refrain from streaming music or video or downloading large files. The system is just not designed for heavy-volume usage,” said Cashin.

More information about the free Wi-Fi service and the acceptable use policy are

available at


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