Cardiff campus to break ground on new science building

Cardiff campus to break ground on new science building
From left California State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, MiraCosta College Board of Trustee member George McNeil, MiraCosta College Mathematics and Science Dean Carlos Lopez, MiraCosta alumna and Encinitas Mayor Teresa Barth, MiraCosta College Board President David Broad, MiraCosta College Board of Trustee member Jeanne Shannon and MiraCosta College science student Gilad Moskowitz, cheer the groundbreaking for a new science facility at MiraCosta Community College’s San Elijo campus. Courtesy photo

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — Science studies got a boost at MiraCosta College’s San Elijo campus, 3333 Manchester Ave.


The college broke ground on a new science building on its northwest campus Dec. 16

“The new science labs will enable MiraCosta College to expand the breadth and number of science courses available to students in the southern portion of our district,” said Carlos Lopez, dean of mathematics and sciences at MiraCosta College. “In the dedicated chemistry lab we will be able to offer the full breadth of our chemistry courses; including organic chemistry, which we could not previously schedule at this site. In addition to chemistry courses, the new labs will also support a host of other physical science labs like oceanography and geology.”

Building 1000 will go up in a vacant area east of classroom Building 600. This Phase 1 of construction will allow for a future Phase 2 to be designed at a later time, not as part of this project’s scope.

The Phase 1 program scope includes the following elements:

— A chemistry lab for the teaching of chemistry.

— A general lab for the teaching of Introduction to Chemistry and spillover classes for biology and the physical sciences.

— A preparation lab to service both teaching labs.

— An organic storage room.

— An inorganic storage room.

— An instrument lab.

— A mechanical equipment room serving Phase 1.

— An IT room.

— Outdoor area(s) for gathering and interaction space.

Building 1000 will be complete and open for classes beginning in fall 2014.







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