Santa parachutes into town

Santa parachutes into town
A crowd of 2,000 looks to sky as Santa Claus and his two helpers parachute into Mission Marketplace Nov. 30. The trio skydives from 4,500 feet. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — It is an annual sight that never gets old. 

Some 2,000 people gathered at Mission Marketplace to watch as Santa Claus and two holiday helpers parachuted down into the shopping center on Nov. 30.

Santa and his helpers parachuted from 4,500 feet above the marketplace. As the tiny red dot in the air nears, Santa makes his way safely to the ground and high fives the crowd before settling in to take photos with the kids.

“It’s always great fun to see the kids and snow,” Bob James, of Just In Time Skydivers, said. “It’s what Santa is all about.”

NewMark Merrill Companies sponsors the free afternoon of family fun, which includes 5 tons of snow, a train ride, a puppet show, live music and a petting zoo. Many families look forward to attending the event as their holiday tradition.

“It’s definitely the holiday spirit,” Cynthia Gonzalez, marketing director for NewMark Merrill Companies, said. “It’s our way to give back to the community for their patronage throughout the year.”




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