Letters to the Editor

Happy paper isn’t sold 

Mr. Kydd, so many of us have enjoyed your Coast News since it started.

Many of us really look forward to each new publication. You are our only link to LOCAL issues. Manchester seems to continue to hate Oceanside and he runs a cheesy paper anyway. Thank goodness you are a real newspaperman! I have been an active part of the community forum at City Council meetings in Oceanside. I really do not support either side, or any political group. The whole bunch is very disturbing. You publish (Ken) Leighton’s column, but he is a rabble rouser and I really have had to take a lot of guff from his contrary musing at times clear back to the ‘80s.
I, and all the others I know locally, are willing to pay for the paper. Please do not sell off your little diamond we love to read. There are loads of changes going on in Oceanside and the public never knows if all they read is the U-T. Thank you for continuing for our community. Best regards,
Donna McGinty,

Stay with the old health system
We (Taxpayers) have already, and will, spend millions of dollars to improve (correct) our (failed) health care system through passage of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare). Some thought our old health care system was failed because everyone didn’t have health care insurance (even though everyone got the best health care in the world). Well, the old system meant everyone could buy whatever medical insurance they wanted and could afford, or if they didn’t want to buy insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for their medical care, they would go to the emergency room to get the best care in the world, and we would all pay for that care. From what I’ve heard, it would be a whole lot cheaper, and we would all have a whole lot more freedom, if we had stuck with the best health care system in the world, as described above.
Ralph Peck,
Del Mar

Response to letter
In a recent letter in the Coast News, the author suggests that the Solana Beach FCCC party initiative be adopted because its (six) usage conditions could be adjusted by simply making changes to the Municipal Code. Condition 1 requires that the FCCC be available for private parties for the entire weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, 52 weeks a year. Condition 3 requires that alcohol use rules be restricted to ABC regulations.
ABC regulations are state and not city code. If adopted, it is my understanding that the specific restrictions of Conditions 1 and 3, and also 2 and 6, could not be changed except by a citywide vote. Two of the six conditions point to the Municipal Code.
Condition 4, noise control, seems vague, but appears to prohibit having noise regulations that are specific to the FCCC by restricting them to rules that are applicable to all residential areas. Condition 5 seems superfluous. Additionally, the conditions do not specify to which version of the Municipal Code they refer. In four of the six conditions, possibly five, the initiative contains specifics that could not be changed except by a citywide vote.
If a changed condition needed itself to be changed at some point in the future, it seems that this would require another vote, and so on.
In reading the letters to the Solana Beach City Council, I get the impression that many writers were mistaken in believing that the Council was capriciously considering an expensive special election on the FCCC party initiative when it could just as easily hold a cheap election as part of the general election in June.
If they did, I hope they realize by now that, thanks to the timing of the FCCC party initiative petition, this is not legally possible. Perhaps it is better to nip this nascent nightmare in the bud, to vote on this poorly-conceived initiative, get rid of it, and return to a sensible trial period of the City Council’s easily changeable policy, which was designed to match the special circumstances of the FCCC.
Bill Howden,
Solana Beach


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