Keep it spicy Encinitas — at Savory Spice Shop

Keep it spicy Encinitas — at Savory Spice Shop
Savory owner Steph Birn knows her spices. Photo David Boylan

OK, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical of the need for a spice-centric store in my life. 

My uneducated opinion was that I can get all the spices I need at the grocery store. That was until I walked through the doors at Savory and was overcome by a wave of aromas from the hundreds of large glass apothecary jars on the shelves lining the walls and the barrels filled with fragrant spices on seasoned wood floors.

It’s really a multi-sensory experience and one that anyone interested in enhancing their cooking should check out. Cooking is all about flavor and this place offers hundreds of ways to enhance flavor while expanding your culinary horizons. After spending some time with owner Steph Birn, who guided me through the shop, I will be making regular trips there and checking out their very fun sounding classes.

Steph is a spice expert so I thought it would make sense for her to offer some insights as to what’s going on at Savory.

Lick the Plate:
What are the primary advantages a home cook has shopping at Savory for spices rather than the grocery store?

Birn: We have a much larger selection of products. We have over 400-plus herbs and spices and 160 unique blends. We also offer the customer the opportunity to smell and taste the spices. It’s a great way to get a sense of the flavor. My favorite part is we sell in small quantities, this allows the customer to try small amounts of spice, as little as


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