City works to keep streets in shape

City works to keep streets in shape
During October and November, Encinitas’ Pavement Management System will upgrade city streets. Courtesy photo

ENCINITAS — Expect construction delays throughout city streets this fall, as the city improves street conditions. 

To keep streets throughout our community in appropriate driving condition, the city’s Engineering/Public Works Department has established a Pavement Management System (PMS) that prioritizes streets needing the most attention. The first phase has already begun. During construction, El Camino Real will have lane closures and residential streets will have very limited access, so expect delays.

Preparation efforts began the first week in October. Slurry seals, overlays, striping and pavement markings – as well as repair work – are scheduled to begin in late October and to be completed by mid-November.

The PMS calculates and annually updates the status of every street in Encinitas. The program features a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) that enables staff to remedy issues on streets demonstrating poor or failing scores.

Associate Civil Engineer Kipp Hefner said, “Instead of reacting after the fact, the PMS allows us to take a proactive, preventive approach.” In addition to streets in need of repair, Hefner said, “It is critical to regularly address arterials such as El Camino Real that experience larger daily traffic volumes and higher percentages of large trucks. With greater wear and tear comes a greater rate of deterioration.”

In keeping with this focus, staff recommended to the City Council a number of streets for treatment. At its Aug. 28 meeting, the council approved the awarding of a contract to TC Construction, Inc. for the 2013/2014 Pavement Rehabilitation and Overlay/Slurry Seal. The total project cost is approximately $1,126,000.

The major efforts include:

— A slurry seal on El Camino Real, from Manchester Avenue to Mountain Vista Drive.

— Structural pavement repairs on El Camino Real, from Manchester Avenue to Mountain Vista Drive.

— Overlays on Vanessa Circle off Shanas Lane, on Shanas Lane from Vanessa Circle to Valleda Lane, on Cottage Glen Court from Wandering Road to the street’s terminus, on Palaro Drive from Caudor to the street’s terminus, on Wandering Road from Glen Arbor to Cottage Glen Court, on Hummock Lane from Gardendale to Village Center, on Willowsprings Drive from Gardendale to Wandering Road, and on Fieldstone Lane from Willowsprings Drive.

— Several streets throughout the city with poor or failing PCI scores will be repaired.




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