Letters to the Editor

Nanny Republic

 Greetings from the Nanny Republic of Solana Beach where if you want to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, the City Council will be happy to micro-manage your party for you at the new Fletcher Cove Community Center.

For example, they will require that if your guests want to drink a glass of champagne (limit two) they must do so while cooped up inside the unventilated building. They cannot venture out on to the patio or lawn on the bluff overlooking the ocean.

Oh, and you must employ a trained nanny to keep count on how many glasses each guest has consumed. They will also tell you which musical instruments are allowed and they will prohibit any amplification of voice or music even if within the noise ordinance limits.

And the 50-person occupancy limit includes caterers, musicians, and the nanny.

The neighbors say these and other restrictions are for their safety and quality of life.

It is obvious to many of us that the real purpose of these and several more excessive restrictions recently adopted by the council is to deter private citizens from using the center for celebrations.

Fortunately, the local initiative process enables the vast majority of citizens to overcome the power of a few neighbors and a majority of City Council members who seem to be under their spell. The neighbors are now claiming the half-truth that the city will be forced to spend as much as $300,000 for a special election. There is no need for an election if the Council acts in the interest of the whole community and simply adopts the Initiative. Its terms are reasonable and conform to the municipal codes for noise, parking, alcohol, occupancy, etc. which have worked for years.

Bruce Berend,

Solana Beach


Look At Powerhouse Center

The Fletcher Cove Community Center in Solana Beach is a beautiful venue to have a wedding.

As this center was not available, our daughter was married at Del Mar’s Powerhouse Community Center. We had use of the patios and balcony and it was a lovely joyful affair. There were none of the complaints occurring that are being suggested by those who are insisting on such limiting restrictions for Fletcher Cove Community Center.

I would hope the Solana Beach City Council can see the success of Powerhouse and utilize Del Mar’s center as an example for Fletcher Cove Community Center.

By the overwhelming Solana Beach voter signatures gathered, it is obvious that our residents also desire a more acceptable and less restrictive use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center.


Dianna Jordan,

Solana Beach


Columnist’s Intent?

If the purpose of Ken Leighton’s opinion in the Aug. 23 edition was intended to display his disdain for the Oceanside City Council, it was overshadowed by his obvious prejudice toward the Walmart Corporation.

He references a connection with Walmarts and “bargain basement retail ghetto(s)” and then in the same breath has the nerve to tell people who live here they have the supermarket El Super. I doubt Mr. Leighton has ever been in the Mission Avenue El Super. I would not shop there if it were the only market in town. The store is small, lacks any variety, appears dirty and the surrounding property is covered with trash and litter. Not to mention that El Super is part of Grupo Chedraui, one of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico. Personally, I’ll give my business to and support an American company like Walmart any time.

Frank Koehler,



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