Letters to the Editor

Keep water clean

 I applaud Celia Kiewit for her important articles on dangers of fluoridated water. I hope Olivenhain Municipal Water District will keep their standards high and water clean, and not fall prey to this unwelcome, unhealthy, unnecessary pollution.

Information about this issue has been available for decades. It’s common sense versus companies making money on a dubious product that’s purported to pose risks to diabetics, kidney and thyroid patients, and those who drink lots of tap water. And what about claims of damage to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems? See what scientists have to say.

Concerned about teeth? Practice good oral hygiene, enjoy a healthy diet, and work towards subsidized dental care for those who supposedly “need” fluoridated water.

Whoever pays for this won’t be the ones benefiting from it.

Please keep our water clean!

Mary Arana,



Good for council

I commend the Solana Beach City Council for their Aug. 7 vote to develop a policy for the private rental of the Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC). They were able to come up with a set of reasonable provisional guidelines that many neighbors and other residents find acceptable. Although it has taken a significant amount of time, the council has shown it’s commitment to working with the community to put in place a fair set of rules. Somewhat confusingly for residents, a group is gathering signatures for a voter initiative with different guidelines for private rentals of FCCC including allowing larger and more frequent parties with fewer constraints on alcohol use. As a result of the Aug. 7 vote, there is no longer a need for this initiative. Residents should not be persuaded by paid signature gatherers to sign the initiative because if it goes through, a special election would cost the city more than $250,000, and if voted in to law another special election would be required to make any changes. Couldn’t that money be better spent repairing the closed public beach access at Del Mar Shores or the aging steps at Tide Beach Park? I look forward to the final policy being discussed and voted on at the Aug. 28 council meeting.


Betsy Walcott

Solana Beach


Opposed to initiative

I am writing regarding the Voter Initiative that would increase the size, frequency and amount of alcohol allowed at parties in the Fletcher Cove Community Center. I am a resident of Solana Beach. While I do not live in the Fletcher Cove area, I oppose the Voter Initiative.

Our City Council agreed to allow parties with up to 50 people in attendance, 2-3 times per month serving beer and wine. This allows for residents to utilize our improved Community Center, while ensuring the size and scope of such parties are appropriate for the venue. The Voter Initiative increases the alcoholic consumption allowance at the Community Center, as well as increasing the number of events to every weekend, up to twice per day. The Voter Initiative will not only decrease the value of living in coastal Solana Beach, but will turn that area of our beautiful bedroom community into a rowdy, traffic-filled, party scene on many weekends.

This Voter Initiative will overwhelm the Fletcher Cove area with too many parties, too many cars, big parking problems and too much alcohol. Lastly, I cannot support any initiative that would increase the likelihood of drinking and driving in an area that is filled with families and small children.


Kristin Edwards,

Solana Beach


Escondido council supports initiative

At the Escondido City Council meeting on Aug. 14, the entire City Council did “ right thing,” by unanimously approving ECCHO’s Citizens Property Rights (CPR) Initiative, to preserve and protect the Escondido Country Club Golf Course as permanent Open Space.

Despite unproven assertions to the contrary (by new owner of Escondido Country Club), their action to immediately adopt the ECCHO Initiative will actually save the city an enormous amount of money.

Money saved includes:

Unnecessary expenditure of additional “staff time,” which would have been spent if City Council supported the third option — which would have delayed action by at least another 30 days for preparation of an economic impact report. Additionally, the city saves the substantial cost of preparing an unnecessary item for election in 2014.

ECCHO’s board of directors, and team of organizers and unpaid volunteers deserve enormous credit! Bravo!

Patricia Borchmann,



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