Where PRN Physical Therapy eats around town

It’s funny how you never really think about physical therapy until an injury happens, then it becomes top of mind.

he foodie team from PRN Physical Therapy.  Photo by David Boylan

he foodie team from PRN Physical Therapy. Photo by David Boylan

An early summer meeting of my radial head (elbow) and pavement was just such an occasion for me. My stellar orthopedic specialist, Dr. Garratt Tallman, pointed me in the direction of PRN Physical and Hand Therapy in Encinitas. The team there has guided me on my road to recovery and I’m almost back to 100 percent.

PRN is located on El Camino Real in Encinitas, right in the middle of a significant number of dining options so their staff has a very diverse list of favorites. Here is a look at some of their North County selections.

My friend Allison Sloben, a physical therapist at PRN currently on maternity leave, is one of the more passionate foodies I know so this assignment was right up her alley. One of her favorites is The Greek American Café right across the street from PRN. The family-run atmosphere, spanakopita, and hummus keep her coming back. Her after work pick is The Craftsman New American Tavern. “They always have some different wine choices that you don’t see on every list in North County so it’s great to try something different … and the bartenders are more than happy to let you taste anything you like and offer good alternatives. It doesn’t hurt that the food is great also.” Nice picks Allison!

Office Manager Angela Clark is a big fan of St. Germain’s Café in downtown Encinitas. Weekend breakfast is her favorite. “Their food is fresh, delicious, and their staff is always courteous and friendly. My favorite dish is the California Benedict; it is cooked to perfection every time and it goes great with a Mimosa.” Claire’s On Cedros is big on Angela’s breakfast list. Besides being LEED certified, they have their own living roof and garden ensuring fresh organic produce. “My boyfriend is Paleo, so Claire’s is one of the few places in North County where he can get humanely raised grass-fed meat.” Claire’s is also a “Lick the Plate” favorite.

Eric Wilson, DPT, CSCS takes the uber healthy approach with daily fresh organic fruits and vegetables to keep him full of energy and allow him to stay healthy while practicing health care. A staple part of his diet includes raw and juiced veggies daily from the Fountain of Youth on El Camino Real in Encinitas. “Their veggie drinks are the best in San Diego. Don’t forget to try the WOW shot.” Thanks for the tip Eric, I’ll have to give that place a try.

Hand therapist Laura Greene pointed out that she often has the opportunity to have long conversations with her patients as we work through our therapy treatment sessions. One of our favorite conversations is of course food, which always comes around to North County favorites. One of her dinner options with consistently great fish is Pacifica Del Mar. Laura also frequents Firefly Grill & Wine bar right down the street for their happy hour and fish Cataplana, which is a twist on a traditional cioppino. “Third Corner in Encinitas has a great Sunday night prix fix dinner and wonderful hamburgers. That says a lot for me as I am not a burger fan but this burger is worth a splurge.”

Amanda Alger, PT aide at PRN, is another big fan of Native Foods Café. “They have these huge hearty salads brimming with unique texture and flavor combinations that leave me craving salad on a regular basis. When I desire something a little more indulgent, I turn to the two-hands-necessary Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of sweet potato fries and glass of their refreshing lavender-lemonade. Native Foods really has something for everyone — even meat lovers! I have dined here with omnivores who didn’t believe that the Deli Ruben doesn’t have any meat in it. Really, they’re that good.” I could not agree with you more Amanda.

Reece Jensen, DPT, is the owner of PRN. His favorite place to eat and hang out is the original Pizza Port in Solana Beach. “It has the vibe of the pizza parlor I grew up going to in my hometown of Los Gatos, Calif. The microbrew selection is outstanding and the sauce is especially to die for! My kids love the vids in the back while I am very content watching the surf highlight reels, sipping on a cold amber and filling up on an amazing pie. I am never disappointed in the quality of their food. Pizza Port is the bomb!”

So there you have it, where some of the finest physical therapists in North County like to eat when they are not busy rehabilitating people back to health. They are located at 317 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024. Call (760) 634-0248 or visit prnpt.com for more information.




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