I’m getting out of Dodge

I sit here on the evening of the first day of summer. The deadline for my column is a week in advance so with the lightning news cycles of today, mentioning anything in the news would likely be passé by the time you read it.I spoke out against the Nixon administration in 1973 during Watergate. I had just separated from the Army and was working as the night jock on the biggest FM station in and around Fort Hood and reaching Austin and Waco Texas.

I didn’t like that we were in a war we refused to win and then we had a president who lied to the people. The press was vicious. Unlike today they left no stone unturned in order to shame President Nixon out of office.

I put in my two cents and you know what happened? I was audited by the IRS. I didn’t have two nickels to rub together and when I first entered the Army in 1971 I was paid $104 a month! Yes, a month! So, the IRS somehow seemed fit to audit me. Gee was it something I said to mostly stoners while I spun Lynyrd Skynyrd or Led Zeppelin?

I am so sick of both government and the mainstream press. They’re all liars. The mainstream press is all the major news networks starting with the New York Times. The patsy networks just cut and paste whatever that rag has to say. The other mainstream media is Hollywood and the music industry. They’re all about as clueless as you get and apparently not a one with a degree in political science.

Anyone who has studied political systems, even those in the last 100 years, knows what the root causes are of most every political junta in power. You know juntas; they target their political “enemies”, pit one class against another and take over every facet of the bureaucracy plus owning the press.

I just groan when I sit and watch anything mainstream. Do you realize there has not been one story in the last week in the mainstream press about the IRS scandal much less about Benghazi or the Attorney General’s office seizing phone records and e-mails of journalists both at the Associated Press and at the center of the Fox Network? Now, if this was Bush?

Nixon was taken down because of a little burglary but we have an IRS today that is targeting Americans for their political beliefs. If Nixon did that he would have been tarred and feathered first. He only spoke of it (and caught on tape) but didn’t actually do it.

The monolithic mainstream has barely said a thing about the potential abuse of the NSA snooping on you and me, my kids and my next door neighbor. When I studied the communist system I was so glad I lived in America. Now I’m watching it all unfold right before my eyes and we have no watchdogs to protect us. The fourth estate has been bought; lock, stock and barrel.

I’ve noticed that whenever anything gets hot and close to the leaders of this country, they travel overseas. They get out of town. Did you notice our president hopping around Europe lately with a planned trip to Africa? Republicans are apparent idiots for if they get caught in a twit they try to defend themselves. They haven’t learned the game from the other side that you get your butt out of town until the news cycle changes.

I remember when Nancy Pelosi was screaming bloody murder about waterboarding and condemning George Bush. Until it was leaked that she was on the same committee in Congress that authorized it. So, does she defend herself when found to be a major hypocrite? No, she went to Germany for two weeks. When she came back, not one journalist followed up. They still haven’t.

So, I’m getting out of dodge. By the time you read this I’ll be sipping margaritas by the pool next to the Bay of Banderas in warm and tropical Puerto Vallarta. I bought my condo in 2011 when the newspapers and media in general were saying to not go to Mexico, so I got one heck of a deal on an oceanfront condo.

Of course during 2011 our lapdog media was only parroting the junta’s words. They had to make Mexico look really bad because after all, our Justice Department “gave,” without any tracking system in place, Mexican cartels more than 2,000 two high powered deadly weapons that were used to kill two Americans and hundreds if not thousands of Mexicans.

Our countrymen had to be distracted from the bungled Fast & Furious scandal so the press was awash with stories of drug lords killing each other yet not a word that the president had to sign an executive order to seal all the Fast & Furious records to save our Attorney General’s backside after congressional committees investigating the case proved him to be an emperor without clothes.

They didn’t even write about all the deaths every day that were coming out of Chicago. The town with the strictest gun laws in the country! Wow, we’ve really got some eyeballs watching out for us lowly folk, don’t we?

Am I going nuts or what? Everything is just one big lie after another. I’m going to join the nearly 1 million Canadians and Americans now owning property in Puerto Vallarta. I’m staying this time for about two months to work on my second book.

The first will be published soon and no, it isn’t about politics. It’s about our souls and believe it or not, God is going to fix this mess. He loves this country and you and I do too! But, I only hope I’m not whistling Dixie through a graveyard.

I feel grimy after watching the slanted news today. You know guys, it’s that same feeling of griminess all over you when you walk out of a strip bar without your wife knowing you were there and worried as hell that someone will spot you. You know the feeling; you just know you were not in a good place.

I’m going to go find my good place, do a little surfing in Punta Mita at Mexican Malibu and play some golf at the Marina and Vista Vallarta. What I wouldn’t give to come home to truth, honesty and peace! Sheesh.



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