Teen killed in stabbing following argument

Teen killed in stabbing following argument
Friends of the teen boy who was fatally stabbed gather to remember him. The incident took place June 20 at 8:43 p.m. Witnesses are asked to contact Oceanside police. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — Police are investigating a stabbing that took the life of a 17-year-old boy on June 20.The boy was identified as Jorge Basave, according to the county’s Medical Examiner’s office. He died from a stab wound to the chest.

Two witnesses told media that about 30 people were gathered in the beach parking lot west of the railroad tracks on Mission Avenue when an argument between two groups began.

According to the witnesses the argument escalated and a male drew a gun.

The same witnesses said people were trying to disarm the male when the teen was stabbed.

A third witness said he heard the group in the parking lot and saw them throwing rocks, but did not realize the seriousness of the situation.

He said by the time police were called he heard the shouts “get up, get up.”

The two witnesses said “get up” was being called to Basave who was stabbed. They said most people scattered when police arrived.

The witnesses identified the group that started the altercation, including the male who brandished the gun, as Oceanside gang members. They added at least one person on the other side of the argument was a former member of a rival gang.

Police confirmed that two groups of individuals were involved in a verbal confrontation that escalated into a physical fight and fatal stabbing at 8:43 that evening.

Sgt. Matt Cole said witnesses who police spoke to say the number of people involved in the altercation was between 10 and 20.

“We tried to get statements from as many people as we could,” Cole said. “No one was detained.”

Cole describes the evening as a “normal crowd for a Thursday night.” People were walking by the parking lot on their way from the beach, movie theater and Sunset Market.

Police also confirmed that witnesses reported hearing rival gang challenges between the groups prior to the altercation.

There is no documentation that the victim or those involved in the altercation were affiliated with a gang.

The two witnesses who recounted the incident to said Basave was not a gang member and was attempting to disarm the male with the gun.

No other injuries were reported and there was no report of a gun being involved by witnesses that spoke to police.

Rocks were found at the scene, but it was not determined if they were used as weapons.

“Readers should understand firsthand information is the most reliable and what we’re seeking,” Cole said. “Information filters out to the community by people connected to the victim and stories tend to morph into what’s not entirely accurate.”

Anyone with further information, or who has a photo or video of the incident, is asked to call the anonymous TIP line at (760) 435-4730 or Detective Wallace at (760) 435-4892.


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