Letters to the Editor

More traffic messes in Oceanside 

There is no arguing that Oceanside’s traffic is a mess. Unfortunately it is only going to get worse. Their recently adopted transportation plan shows how much worse it will get- even after spending $100’s of millions to build new or widen existing roads. And to make matters worse they do not have those millions of dollars they are counting on.

But who cares about sitting in traffic for hours and breathing exhaust fumes! Let’s keep approving projects like Quarry Creek that add 5,000 car trips a day and pretend that somehow it will all work out. Cough. Cough.

Karen Merrill,



Alternative uses for Surfside

My thoughts re: “Optional Uses for Surfside” (Coast News June 14).

How sad, especially the other uses being considered.

No surprise to me, however, given my 30-year history of published pleas for racing to market its superior product as intelligently and aggressively as other major products always have.

As for Surfside, the downward trend of off-track betting traces to the early 1930s when tracks could build it and they would come, and the media carried the marketing cost-free. Until the 1970s when wagering competition emerged and management’s only response was “give us slots or we’ll go out of business.”

Right on.

The consequences are increasingly in evidence.

In view of what racing once was and the superior sport that it still is, sad beyond words. But as I’ve also been saying all these years, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Jim Donovan,

Del Mar


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