Where Arnette eats and drinks around town

The Arnette eating team from left Robbie Sell, Grant Galland, Ryan Etter, Wes Van De Vort and Joe Freitag. Photo courtesy of Bret Egertson

Once every few months, “Lick the Plate” likes to check in with local businesses to find out some of their favorite eateries and watering holes. Arnette is a relative newcomer to the local business scene but secured a prime location.In 2012 Arnette moved their sales and marketing headquarters to the old Coast Tire & Brake building at 444 S. Coast Highway in Encinitas. Almost directly across from La Paloma, the building features a retail store that is open to the public, the desks of the marketing and sales team, as well as a showroom complete with a half-pipe. What a great location for the Arnette team to work and eat given their location at the gateway of old Encinitas.

We started out with Robbie Sell, sports marketing specialist for Arnette, though many of you may know him as Robbie Sell the former professional snowboarder.

Sell is the former restaurant owner of Pie-Face Pizza Co. in downtown Reno, so he is a total pizza snob. Sell’s go-to for pizza is Blue Ribbon for their recipes, atmosphere and “just about everything about that place.”

Sell added, “Since Arnette opened the office in Encinitas and now that I live in Leucadia, I take advantage of the coastal vibe and often ride my bike to Fish 101. I love fish and everything they have there, from the plates down to the tacos, are amazing.”

National Sales Director Grant Garland grew up in Encinitas and has eaten just about everywhere in North County, but there are a handful of places he goes to on a regular basis. “In Encinitas, Roxy has been a favorite spot of mine for a while now. Their falafel burger with salad and a Hansen’s soda is insane! Right next door is a great Thai food spot called Siamese Basil. They have good lunch specials and can make it as hot and spicy as you want, but I usually go up to five on the hotness scale.”

OK Grant, going to five at Siamese Basil is hardcore. That is some serious heat, I’d like to come along for one of those meals just to see how you handle it.

Ryan Etter, the Arnette store manager, has constant cravings for tasty Hawaiian barbecue, so luckily for him he has Kealani’s authentic Hawaiian right down the street from his office. “You can’t go wrong with freshly cooked, Hawaiian barbecued teriyaki chicken with a scoop of rice and macaroni salad. The atmosphere gives you the islander vibe with the tiki hut seating and the employees are great too.”

For nights out on the town, Etter enjoys cruising down to 1st Street Bar on the 101 for a game of pool and an ice cold Stone IPA. “Not to mention, this place offers a great happy hour all week! On certain nights, you can catch a live DJ spinning tunes or partake in some karaoke.”

Southern California Sales Rep Wes Van De Vort enjoys taking his wife to Rimel’s in Carmel Valley, a relatively new location for Rimel’s. “It has great ambiance that matches the stellar fresh chicken tacos, great beer and wine selection, not to mention Rimel’s special cilantro sauce makes everything there taste fantastic. All in all, great place to visit.”

Another favorite for Van De Vort is Board & Brew, which just added a new location in Carlsbad. “These guys have always made an amazing sandwich and what separates this new spot from the others is its vast beer selection on tap, laid back atmosphere and you can always count on a good surf video to be playing while you eat, unless the Chargers are playing.”

Joe Freitag, the global brand director for Arnette, is a huge Mexican food fan.

“Nothing beats great Mexican food, and Raul’s has become my go-to spot since we’ve moved our operation to Encinitas. They use fresh ingredients, have great service and the food well prepared and tastes amazing.”

I could not agree with you more Joe, and make sure to try their chicken soup, an amazing value for the quality and portion.

Freitag is also one of the growing numbers of local craft beer enthusiasts. “I’m a big fan of the Encinitas Ale House for enjoying a pint of a fine local malt beverage. It has a great atmosphere and there’s always a new and interesting brew on tap to try.”

So there you have it, a fine selection of eating and drinking spots around town as selected by iconic action sports industry business Arnette. Stop by their new showroom at 444 S. Coast Highway in Encinitas or check them out online at arnette.com.



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