Mortar fire and Recon competition on base

CAMP PENDLETON — Camp Pendleton units will be conducting night live-fire mortar exercises in the Whiskey and Zulu impact areas from midnight to 2:30 a.m. May 15 through May 18.Depending on atmospheric conditions, the sound of the explosions may be amplified and heard up to 50 miles away. Those requesting additional information can direct their calls to the Operations and Training Division at (760) 725-0357.

Marine Corps Camp Pendleton will also host the fifth annual Recon Challenge May 17 from 4 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Recon Challenge is a grueling one day event held every year at Camp Pendleton. It is open to graduates of the Amphibious Reconnaissance School, Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, and Basic Reconnaissance Course, and was established as a way to bring reconnaissance units together and compete in a “Super Squad” or “Best Ranger” style competition. Twenty four two-man teams compete from around the Marine Reconnaissance community.

The Recon Challenge consists of 10 events including a two-kilometer open water swim with combat equipment, two obstacle courses, a 23-mile hike through the mountains of Camp Pendleton, weapons proficiency tests, live fire events, multiple water confidence events and multiple strength and endurance events. These events represent the physical and mental training Reconnaissance Marines conduct in preparation for the rigors of combat.



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