It’s a crazy world

I just finished my taxes and I’m pissed. I’m either getting really old or my hand just shakes writing a check to the IRS. I think my contribution to the government machine is equivalent to a drop of hummingbird pee in the Pacific Ocean, but to me, that hard-earned money “is” the Pacific Ocean, especially when I see how the government spends it.We baby boomers should be aghast at what is going on. During the 2008 campaign, President Obama called President Bush a traitor for running up $4 trillion in debt over eight years and causing the depression. That’s chump change now for this president and all his talking heads that now say there’s “no problem” with the growing debt, that it is sustainable. I guess President Bush must be a real patriot now.

I’m starting to think I live in the Twilight Zone. The last time I looked, if a family had a budget like our government, state and federal, mom and dad would be huddling with their kids under a bridge.

During the “Fast & Furious” covert scheme in 2011 that sent some 2,000 semi-automatic guns with 100 round cartridges to “shoot-em-up” drug gangs in Mexico so that some in our government could justify their campaign against the second amendment, journalists were crawling all over themselves to write stories of the gruesome deaths in Mexico but somehow overlooked stories of the two border patrol agents’ murders at the hands of those same guns.

Unfortunately, those stories all but shut down American tourism to Mexico. The Mexican tourist economy suffered immeasurably as did the people who depended upon the tourists. But, those same journalists wouldn’t touch the gang murders in Chicago until after the 2012 elections. Did I mention that Sasha and Malia vacationed in Cancun on my dime during that same period? Yes, they were in Mexico while the State Department was telling Americans it was unsafe to go to Mexico. Again, are we living in the Twilight Zone or what?

Speaking of Mexico, my real estate partner in Punta Mita, which is a tiny enclave overlooking Malibu-like right handers in warm turquoise water about 40 km north of Puerto Vallarta and next to the Four Seasons and the St. Regis, is having her best year in sales since she went there 12 years ago.

Now that Fast & Furious is no longer in the public eye, magically there aren’t any more of those dastardly murders in Mexico anymore. Have you noticed? Savvy Americans are now snapping up Mexican oceanfront real estate at bargain basement prices while the rest of the world is asleep or frightened, one or the other. Baby boomers! Plan ahead.

Mexico is also number No. 1 in the world for medical vacations. Their medical system is excellent and very affordable. We baby boomers may end up being at the mercy of a panel of decision makers real soon regarding our health coverage.

If anyone hasn’t been paying attention lately, Mexico is primed to become the next China in economic power. They have the natural resources and the employment base. They would also have all the illegal aliens now living in the U.S. flooding back to join the work force as well if Mexico starts landing international manufacturers.

President Nieto is young and charismatic enough to help modify their tax laws to create the lure. They also have zero debt. There is no Social Security in Mexico nor is there welfare. You work or you die but you know what, no one is starving.

Sociologically, the family is very important. There is only a 4.5 percent unemployment rate which makes them the fourth best in the world right now. Yup, Mexico, and, they don’t have a nuclear weapon nor any beef with anyone. So, who is going to hurt Mexico if the world collapses? No one.

And, they’re self-sustaining. They need not trade with the rest of the world. And, citizens have to show identification when they vote.

I was reading a column by a noted economist the other day. He said that the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency and that if the world loses trust in the dollar we’re basically toast. He said the government could end up printing dollars like they are going out of style and that we baby boomers who have worked hard our entire lives and saved what we could, could end up like those people in pre-World War II Germany where their savings became worthless when they needed a wheelbarrow filled with “German Marks” to buy a loaf of bread.

I also heard that the German people didn’t steal money from others then, they stole their wheelbarrows instead. If that was to happen here then all those who depend upon the government for subsistence will get cut off (baby boomers on Social Security?).

He also said that if that did happen then there would be huge civil unrest, which could lead the government to declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution and basically become a police state. Maybe that’s why the government doesn’t want us to have guns. Maybe they know something we don’t.

What a crazy twilight zone world we’re leaving our kids. Hopefully our 8-percent-approval-rating-Congress can get their act together and fix the mess we’re in. But, with all that doom and gloom, I’m going “back to my little grass shack” in Mexico for some peace along with a whole lot of smart “gente” with wheelbarrows of money that’s been wisely withdrawn from banks where governments will soon be seizing their accounts for income as Cyprus has done.

I can breathe some free air since they don’t have climate change taxation laws down there and carbon dioxide isn’t a bad word. Their forests thrive on their exhaled breath. Unfortunately since the dollar is getting weaker the peso is getting stronger. I used to get 13 pesos to the dollar but now it’s down to 11.5. But, I’ll just let the world figure it all out for a couple of months and maybe, just maybe, I’ll return to learn that this whole mess is just another Twilight Zone episode and this is really the 1950s and MLK’s favorite politician, Dwight D. Eisenhower is our president and life is peaceful.





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