Eagle Scouts upgrade Carlsbad trails

Eagle Scouts upgrade Carlsbad trails
Carlsbad City Council members honored Eagle Scout candidates Liam Gannon and Steven Cook, for their work on city trail projects that enhanced Hosp Grove and Lake Calavera Preserve. Courtesy photo


CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad City Council honored two Eagle Scout candidates for trail projects that enhanced Hosp Grove and Lake Calavera Preserve.Steven Cook, 14, built and installed a new kiosk at the Hosp Grove trailhead at the Jefferson Avenue parking lot. The kiosk, made of wood with a concrete foundation and a roof, provides information for visitors about the park’s trails and activities, and includes safety tips.

Cook also installed markers along the trails east of Monroe Street to help hikers find their way. A freshman at Carlsbad High School, Cook said the project cost $850, and he raised funds to pay for it. Cook was an Eagle Scout candidate with Troop 716 when he built the kiosk in late summer and autumn of 2012, and the troop dedicated 150 volunteer hours to this project, which gives Hosp Grove visitors a better park experience.

Liam Gannon, a Troop 750 Eagle Scout candidate, built a picnic area with a table and benches at Lake Calavera. Gannon and the troop made a level pad for the table using decomposed granite with wood edging, blending it with the natural surroundings. The table and benches, made of recycled plastic, were carried in pieces to the lakeshore and assembled there.

Gannon, an 18-year-old senior at Carlsbad High School, said the project was a challenge because volunteers had to haul tools and material about one-half mile from the closest access point to the construction site. He raised $1,557 to cover the cost, and he and Troop 750 donated 268 hours of volunteer labor to the project.

The new picnic area, on the south shore trail, provides a peaceful spot overlooking the lake where people can sit and relax after a hike or bike ride. The picnic area is part of the trails master plan for Lake Calavera Preserve.

Cook and Gannon worked closely with city of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation Department Park Planning Manager Liz Ketabian and park maintenance staff to select and construct these projects.




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