Is Mexico the next China?

I was in Puerto Vallarta for seven weeks from the end of November through the middle of January. I had a bunch of dental work done and double knee surgery and saved a ton by having both done there. I’m still recovering from the surgery. It’s a bear getting old. The body doesn’t respond like it used to. But I’m heading back for some more peace with fun in the sun in April. I’m looking forward to seeing what new buildings have popped up since I left.I was reading recently about Mexico being primed to be the next China. It really does make sense. Mexico has resources that are abundant along with a growing educated populace. The elementary schools have become so much better and the children are schooled in Spanish and English. They take a biology class in the morning in Spanish and the biology class again in the afternoon in English.

Their higher education institutions are churning out more engineers and doctors than ever before. They have a vast workforce that is currently underemployed. Even though their unemployment rate is the third best in the world at 4.4 percent, when you walk into a workplace you just see way too many people working in positions that could utilize fewer workers.

International companies out of the United States could take advantage of that and should consider manufacturing there instead of China. China’s currency may be in for a readjustment soon to comport with its real value and if it does then goods out of China will become much more expensive making our neighbor to the south much more attractive. The new president of Mexico, Enrique Nieto, has vowed to bring his country into the 21st century with more personal freedom, commerce and trade and that is good news for America.

I look at all the wide open spaces around Puerto Vallarta for farming, manufacturing and housing and it looks like Southern California in the 1950s. It almost makes me wish I was young and ambitious again. Here in San Diego, on the Otay Mesa border with Mexico, our country was set up in the ‘80s to deal with burgeoning growth in Mexico that just didn’t take off. Now may be the prime time to revisit that real estate again.

Even though it may not feel like it, life will get better for everyone, everywhere. We’re moving into a new age of enlightenment. We can’t smell it, we can’t taste it nor can we see it yet. But there will be a greater love for one another as the years roll on. Time waits for no one but we don’t have to wait for the years to roll on to share respect for our neighbors whether it be an individual or a country.

Spring is upon us. It’s time for rebirth and growth. I dream of a day as John Lennon once said “Imagine.” But in the meantime I will do my best to do my part to love my neighbor. It starts with me. I also wish we could figure out a way to fix the illegal immigration problem that our legislators don’t seem to want to touch. I have a 32-year-old friend who has never been south of downtown or north of Oceanside because she was brought here illegally from Mexico at the age of 2.

She is bright and well-educated and an American by all rights. She has no home in Mexico to go to. It’s such a shame. But, keep in mind, economics may take us to the day that may come sooner than later when Mexico will be putting its own virtual fence up to keep us out. What a crazy, crazy world we live in. If we could just live it in peace and respect.



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