Police honor outstanding officer

Police honor outstanding officer
The Oceanside Police Department honors Officer Kathryn Held (right) as the Officer of the Award for the fourth quarter of 2012. Photo courtesy Oceanside Police Department


OCEANSIDE — The Oceanside Police Department named Officer Kathryn Held for the Officer of the Quarter Award for the Fourth Quarter of 2012.The Officer of the Quarter award recognizes police department employees who have provided exemplary service to the community or performed in a manner worthy of recognition.

During the Fourth Quarter of 2012, Held, a member of the Field Operation Division in uniformed patrol, responded to a residence concerning a report of possible utility theft, with multiple unknown individuals inside a house.

Prior to going in-service for the day, Held had reviewed and made herself familiar with wanted suspect posters who were believed to be at large throughout the city, as she does routinely each day before “hitting the streets.”

While handling this call for service, Held made contact with a man whom she immediately recognized from one of the posters as being wanted for being in possession of a stolen firearm.

Officer Held calmly detained the suspect outside the house and while using sound officer safety tactics requested additional patrol units to assist her before proceeding further.

Once additional units arrived, Held took the investigative lead and quickly established rapport with the suspect and other residents. Subsequently Held was able to locate and recover the stolen firearm; taking it off the streets and out of the hands of a criminal who would potentially use it in the commission of future crimes.

According to a OPD press release, Held’s keen eye, quick recognition and interrogative skills directly contributed to the success of this investigation, the arrest of a dangerous suspect, and lawful seizure of not only the firearm, but also other incriminating evidence.

The Commander of the Field Operation Division, Capt. Tom Aguigui said in his letter announcing the award. “Your overall efforts in this matter clearly validate your selection as the Officer of the 4th Quarter 2012. I congratulate you on a job well done.”

Officers are assigned to a beat for one year at a time, allowing officers and community members to become familiar with each other and build trust, enabling a better working relationship that helps remedy problems plaguing an area. Officers are responsible for handling thousands of radio calls each year, take numerous crime reports, enforce traffic laws, make hundreds of arrests, resolve disputes and prevent crime.

Officer Held is a former U.S. Marine with 10 years of honorable service to our nation. She has more than 21 years with the Oceanside Police Department with countless citation and letters for excellence in professional service to her name. During her career, she has held a variety of assignments including Acting Patrol Supervisor, Patrol Corporal, Field Training Officer, Vice Crimes Detective, Property Crimes Detective, Gangs, and Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NETwork) Officer.




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