Encinitas artist decorates new Oceanside facility

COAST CITIES — When Scripps Oceanside was in the design planning stage, Encinitas resident Barbara Markoff was hired to develop an art concept for the new facility which opened in the summer of 2012.Markoff, a corporate art consultant and co-owner of Artrageous!, has been working with healthcare companies for 30 years and uses an evidence-based design approach when selecting artwork. Evidence-based design has shown that patients find comfort in viewing familiar local subject matter in artwork.

Recognizing that Oceanside is rich in history, architecture and scenic beauty was instrumental in Markoff’s design, she said. Scripps Oceanside’s new building uses mission-style architecture throughout the facility and the artwork integrates with the interior design features. Visitors can view artwork depicting local beaches, landscapes and architecture. Markoff incorporated a “then-and-now theme” in parts of the facility installing black-and-white historical photographs of Oceanside hung next to current color photographs of similar scenes.

Visitors will view historical photographs such as the pier, Mission San Luis Rey, and the beach. The purpose of the art program was to bridge the connection between the facility, the population it serves and the community of Oceanside.

In addition to photographic images, Markoff installed a large collection of artwork including southern California landscapes, local tropical plants and trees, beach images, and mission style architecture.





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