Letters to the Editor: Jan. 11, 2013

Misleading commentary

 Lynn and Russell Marr’s Community Commentary contains numerous false, misleading and nonsensical statements regarding the already-approved improvements to N. Highway 101. Cyclists are not “primarily riding in packs” or “mostly southbound” or “on weekends, not so much during the week.”

Yes, there are cyclists who ride with others, and more on the weekends, but plenty of individual riders seven days a week, including commuters and students, as well as recreational cyclists and those riding for athletic training. Wherever they’re going, they also come back, so the northbound and southbound numbers are similar. The Marrs mentioned that the northbound lane diet won’t effect pedestrians on the west side or slow southbound traffic (they stated this twice). Duh! The speed limit has recently been lowered to 35 mph. If cars are going faster it’s a law enforcement issue. They also mentioned traffic circles, which are not even part of this project! It’s just resurfacing the road and painting lines. I am looking forward to the improvements.

Gerry Rahill,



Lawsuit filed against Del Mar

Did you know that a commercial property owner in Del Mar has filed a $14,762,000-plus attorneys and legal costs lawsuit against the City of Del Mar? You won’t believe what it is all about!

After the city adopted an over-whelming volume of Zoning Code regulations for developers and residents to abide by, this commercial property owner has produced a very extensive list of commercial property developments that have been approved, and allowed to proceed, over the years in alleged violation of adopted zoning code regulations. Looking at the list, it would appear the property owner has a legitimate case against the city, but it will be up to the court.

We are beginning a New Year with two new Council members who have not been involved with any of these alleged violations. Let’s hope that henceforth the City Council, with accurate advice from the City Attorney, will make sure future developments will only be approved per the adopted regulations of the city and state, as interpreted by the ordinary and customary use of the English language.

Please, no more twisting of the rules and language, which may lead to expensive lawsuits.

Ralph Peck,

Del Mar


Dwindling open space in Carlsbad

Tried to get to the freeway lately or drive at the interface between Oceanside and Carlsbad on College? Traffic is about to get a whole lot worse with the HUGE housing development being proposed behind Kohls. The developer, “McVillian” has submitted a plan to the City of Carlsbad for 656 home units — more than twice what it’s zoned for. This development called “Quarry Creek” would like to have homes on the hilltop directly facing the Historic Marron Adobe and wrapped around the (not yet opened to the public) Buena Vista Valley Ecological Reserve.

To visualize the effects of this monstrosity please come to the West end of Haymar Dr. (off College) at 10 a.m. Jan 26, where you can see the extent of what we are about to loose and take a stroll into the Reserve. With a large public outpouring of all North County Residents this can be scaled back. Call the Mayor and Council at (760) 434.2808 or email them at council@carlsbadca.gov and ask them to keep development off the panhandle and follow existing zoning.

Take 5 minutes to view this video about the loss of open space in Carlsbad: http://youtu.be/OzvLHIxl7Ks

Yours in Conservation,

Kasey Cinciarelli,


A day at the museum
A date requested a visit to the Oceanside Museum of Art. I had not gone there for a while. Three exhibits blew our minds. The Quilt Exhibit was so real in technique, that unless you stood close you would think they were paintings.

The abstract exhibit was for true contemplation. The monster exhibit over-powered me and I asked my date if we could leave. I would say the exhibits have something for every member of the family. I’m not sure how long each will be there, but go see them. You won’t regret doing so.

William Hart,



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