New Carlsbad high school prompts student decisions

CARLSBAD — Current eighth- and ninth-grade students residing within Carlsbad Unified School District (CUSD) boundaries have the historic opportunity to choose to attend one of two high schools: venerable Carlsbad High, home of the purple and white Lancers, or brand-new Sage Creek High, home of the green, gold and black Bobcats.The High School Selection Form and links to full information about the two schools and the open enrollment process are online at The deadline for families to make their selection is 4 p.m. Feb. 8.

The selection represents a one-year commitment to the chosen school. Students who do not make a selection within the designated timeframe will be assigned to a school on a space-available basis. During the five-week open enrollment period, students/families who have made a selection may request a change by calling bilingual Administrative Assistant Ruth Cartagena at (769) 331-5074. No changes will be accepted after Feb. 8. Cartagena also can assist with questions regarding the process.

Families will receive confirmation of the accepted selection by March 1. If enrollment at either school exceeds capacity, selection will be determined by lottery. Currently, 856 eighth-graders attend CUSD’s three middle schools and 739 ninth-graders attend Carlsbad High. Enrollment numbers will fluctuate, as some current CUSD eighth- and ninth-graders may move out of the District or opt to attend private or charter schools. Likewise, some students who reside within CUSD’s geographical boundaries but attend non-CUSD schools may elect to attend Sage Creek or Carlsbad High.

One distinction is the master schedule. While Sage Creek will operate on a trimester system, Carlsbad High School will continue to use the semester system with an alternating block schedule. In addition, Sage Creek will open in Fall 2013 with freshman and sophomore classes only. The first graduating seniors at SCHS will be the Class of 2017.

Sage Creek opens in fall 2013 with freshman and sophomore classes only. After that, one incoming freshman class will be added in Fall 2014 and Fall 2015. The first graduates will comprise the Sage Creek High Class of 2017.

César Morales and Matt Steitz are respective principals of Sage Creek and Carlsbad High. Over the past few months, they have conducted an array of outreach activities, including presentations to more than 1,000 families at Aviara Oaks, Calavera Hills and Valley Middle Schools; Carlsbad High School; and St. Patrick Catholic School, a private K-8 school in Carlsbad. Letters have been sent to parents in English and Spanish. Brochures have been distributed. Student and parent questions have been answered.




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