Watch out for Veteran’s Day scams

COAST CITIES — Veterans Day is an unfortunate opportunity for con-artists to target military personnel, both active duty and retired, warns the San Diego Better Business Bureau (BBB).“It is unconscionable that one of the most dedicated and selfless segments of our population would be targeted by unscrupulous scamsters, but they are,” said Sheryl Bilbrey, BBB president.

Among military-related scams to watch for, according to the BBB: identity theft scammers will pose as Veterans Administration (VA) officials asking for credit card, bank account and other personal financial information; scammers will try to charge veterans for services they could get for free; fraudulent investment schemes will rob veterans of their life savings; online housing scams will offer military discounts and incentives on properties that don’t exist or are already occupied; security systems will be sold to families of deployed personnel by con-men claiming their deployed spouse ordered it to protect his or her family; and, stolen cars will be sold at low prices supposedly due to a pending deployment.

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