Commentary: The Coast News’ Publisher urges change

Please, please, please citizens of Encinitas — let’s get some new blood in our City Council.Our town is too cool and too precious for us to ignore what’s been happening at City Hall.We desperately need change!And yes, that means dumping Stocks and his good old boy buddy, Mark Muir.

Did you know that the 300,000 member International Association of Firefighters called Mark Muir’s actions “despicable?”

This came about when Muir formed a one-member political action committee called “The Southern California Firefighter’s Association” and endorsed Jerome Stocks for City Council, using an image of a fallen firefighter.

Next, Muir is appointed Fire Chief.

Next, he retires on a $170,000 pension.

Next, his buddy Jerome appoints Muir interim Council member to fill out our much-loved Maggie Houlihan’s term.

Next, Muir is “not available” to weigh in on Encinitas pension reform — just couldn’t make the meeting.

Are these the kind of people we want to lead our beautiful seaside town?

I am voting for Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz.

I ask you to do the same.

We need them.

Jim Kydd,

Publisher and Owner of The Coast News Group


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