Scouts honored at council meeting

Scouts honored at council meeting
Eagle Scout Candidates Jordan Andersen (left) and Michael Schnese with their "certificates of recognition." The scouts earned the awards for tackling major projects for the city's trail program. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

CARLSBAD — City Council recognized two Eagle Scout candidate projects with certificates of recognition for exemplary acts of volunteering for the city’s trail program at the Sept. 25 meeting. 

Both scouts, eyeing to become an Eagle Scouts in the near future, tackled these projects as a prerequisite requirement.

Michael Schnese, from Troop 750, worked on La Costa Valley Trail Improvements while Jordan Andersen, from Troop 732, created stairs at the Lake Calavera Preserve.

Both young men championed fundraising and rallied other volunteers to help them in their missions.

“Carlsbad’s open space and trails provide citizens the opportunity to live active, healthy lifestyles,” said Liz Ketabian, park planner with the city. “The improvements that these scouts provided greatly enhanced the safety and enjoyment of the trails for those who hike, bike or run on the trails as part of their recreational activities.”

Councilman Mark Packard presented the certificates.

“These young men are great examples about what’s great about Carlsbad,” Packard said. “These young men, through their Boy Scout organizations, have made significant contributions to our city.”

Packard went on to say that to become an Eagle Scout, leadership skills are learned. It’s more than performing a certain act — it’s about learning to become a leader.

An Eagle Scout project typically exceeds 100 hours of service.

“So, you are looking at some of the future leaders of Carlsbad, maybe in our country or in the world if they continue the path that they have begun,” said Packard, acknowledging Jordan and Michael standing next to him.

From a root-beer float sale, a rummage sale, a water stand at a talent show and donations from Home Depot and Optimist Club, Michael was able to raise $3,141. With the monies, Michael, 13, bought new trail identification signs and installed them, refurbished older signs, replenished the trail with decomposed granite, and replaced the deteriorated edges of the La Costa Valley Trail.

Michael said he was honored to receive the city recognition.

“It feels good that the community appreciates and acknowledges the hard work that I’ve done,” Michael said. “But, I couldn’t have done this without the help of my volunteers.”

The project took roughly six months of planning along with 570 volunteer hours.

“I want to thank Ms. Ketabian at the Carlsbad Parks & Recreation Department for her guidance and support,” he said, while adding a special thanks to his father for his real world business experience help.

Jordan, 16, undertook a huge project by replacing the steep slope at the Lake Boulevard trailhead at Lake Calavera Preserve with stairs. Following 10 months of planning and 260 volunteer hours, the new 14 steps makes accessing the trail to visit Lake Calavera Preserve a whole lot safer and convenient.

Jordan, a Carlsbad High School student, did his own share of fundraising, as well. He collected donations from Wells Fargo Bank and a local lumber company. His troop also donated material and equipment.

A total of $1,253 was raised making it possible for Jordan to purchase the wood stairs, railing, concrete, decomposed granite and equipment rental.

“I am grateful that the city is thanking me for this,” said Jordan, adding that he couldn’t have completed this project without the help of his parents, donors, and volunteers.

By partnering with the scouts, Ketabian said, they all learned many things from one another such as how to come together with meaningful work.

“They (Scouts) are a vital, valuable part of improving the environment in which they live and their involvement truly makes a difference in the community,” Ketabian said.


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