Carlsbad doles out proclamations

Carlsbad doles out proclamations
Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall issues proclamations to members of the Envision Carlsbad Committee members for their work in the community. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

CARLSBAD — Numerous city proclamations were doled out to the Envision Carlsbad Committee Members at a recent City Council meeting. 

Members received enormous thanks for their exemplary service to the Carlsbad community in helping coordinating, analyzing and forecasting the needs of the community.

“The purpose of this proclamation is to recognize and thank committee members for the many hours of volunteer service they devoted in helping identify the community’s vision for the future of Carlsbad, and for their important role in crafting a preferred land use plan that will be used to update the city’s General Plan,” said David de Cordova, principal planner at the city of Carlsbad.

The Envision Carlsbad Committee, also referred to as EC3, was comprised of 19 members and 19 alternates.

Carlsbad is often being described as entering a new phase of development and this is why the EC3 was implemented.

“The city is transitioning from a period of large-scale growth to a period of infill development while protecting and enhancing quality of life,” de Cordova said. “The Envision Carlsbad program was created to learn what residents and businesses value most about Carlsbad, identify the opportunities and challenges for the future, and to help establish priorities for land uses and city services to meet the needs of this and the next generation.”

During its course of three-and-a-half years, the EC3 convened on 18 different occasions. Although the EC3 is now finished, it tackled creating a Carlsbad Community Vision document and their updates to the General Plan, Local Coastal Program and Zoning Ordinances.

Their recommendations were presented to the Planning Commission and then to the City Council.

“In addition to committee meetings, many EC3 members participated in the various community workshops they helped plan,” he said. De Cordova pointed out that these were four community visioning workshops, one planning workshop for the Barrio neighborhood, and two community workshops for the preferred land use plan.

De Cordova was quick to mention even though EC3’s work has concluded, Envision Carlsbad continues. By spring 2013, staff predicts the General Plan will be updated while the zoning ordinances and Local Coastal Program should be finished by end of 2013.

Those who received a proclamation included Ken Alfrey, Julie Baker, Andrew Benson, Sean Bentley, Jim Bradley, Jim Comstock, Kirk Cowles, Jack Cumming, Farrah Douglas, Glen Etherington, Jim Farley (Vice-chair), Robert Gates, Barbara Hamilton, Mike Howes, Mat Huff, William Kloetzer, Chris Korogi, Diane Lantz, Eric Larson (Chair), Hap L’Heureux, David Lloyd, Gina McBride, Kent McCormick, Greg Nelson, Robert Nielsen, John O’Reilly, Diane Proulx, David Robertson, Guy Roney, Fred Sandquist, Tina Schmidt, Jeff Segall, Sean Sexton, Anne Spacie, Jeannie Sprague-Bentley, Allen Sweet, Paul Thompson, Joseph Troya and Lisa Tuomi-Francis.

Before Mayor Matt Hall read the proclamation, he thanked the committee members for investing hundreds of hours of service which included research, paperwork and hours of testimony. He went on to say that the Carlsbad Community Vision now serves to guide Carlsbad in a direction that aligns with the community’s aspirations for the future.

“Each member’s participation on the Envision Carlsbad Citizens Committeee will help ensure that Carlsbad remains a healthy and vibrant city in the years to come,” Hall said.



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