Committee looks to bring Ranch into spotlight

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rochelle Putnam said she has a friend who moved from Texas to Rancho Santa Fe. 

“She said she really loves living here, but she said finding out what there is to do here is like a treasure hunt.”

That is the reason for the new Marketing Committee, which has two basic focuses.

“We would like for people who don’t live here to wish they did and the people who live here to recognize what a truly special place this is,” said Putnam, president of the committee.

The committee’s first task is updating the Covenant’s website to make it more user-friendly, easier to navigate and make it a place where residents can go for firsthand information about everything to do with the community.

New photos will be added to make it more visually appealing and the search engine will be optimized.

“We are looking to promote the golf club, the garden club, the riding club, the tennis club. People have realized this is all one community and there are a lot great things people can participate in,” she said.

“We’ve got Rancho Days coming up. That would be a great place to promote that,” she said.

The new website will be able to direct a person to a business in the Village or help make dinner reservations.

And the website should be easy for staff to use as well to update information as it changes.

Some may wonder why Rancho Santa Fe needs to be promoted at all.

“In this difficult economy we’ve had the past few years, the competition of high-end communities has become more competitive,” she said.

People who are looking for a place to live should know all the community has to offer.

Putnam said perhaps Association Director Craig McAllister said it best when he said to picture someone is sitting at home in the north on a cold, snowy day looking for a better place to live.

“I would like that place to be Rancho Santa Fe,” he said.

The new web page should be up and running by Dec. 1 if not sooner, she said,

“I think the work we are engaged in will be ongoing and we will partner with the staff and it will continue to be a fact of life,” she said.


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