Oceanside Museum of Art appoints new director

Oceanside Museum of Art appoints new director
Daniel Foster is the new executive director for the Oceanside Museum of Art. Courtesy photo

OCEANSIDE — After an extensive search, Oceanside Museum of Art appointed Daniel Foster as its new executive director. 

He will start in October and take the helm as the museum’s third executive director since it opened 17 years ago.

Foster brings extensive experience in the arts and museum and nonprofit management to the job.

He said it is a must that the museum is well managed. He added that he feels comfortable managing the museum’s $700,000 budget. He previously managed budgets of $2 million.

Foster will also work on museum fundraising efforts. His track record shows in 2011 he raised more than $9 million for The Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as the nonprofit philanthropic foundation’s president and CEO.

He said one of his first tasks as museum executive director is to develop a clear strategic vision plan with the museum board of directors and staff that will take the museum through the next five to 10 years.

Foster describes himself as a big picture guy and vision oriented.

“The arts are vitally essential, not a luxury,” he said. “I believe art has a transformative potential to an individual and community. I feel I understand the importance of an art museum to the fabric of the community.”

Foster said he would like to expand the museum to world level exhibits and a worldwide audience.

“Instinct tells me we’ll bring even more prominence to the reputation of an already outstanding regional art museum,” Foster said. “I believe fundamentally we need art in our daily individual and collective lives.”

A concrete goal of Foster’s is to strengthen the museum’s role in the San Diego arts and culture community. He said arts leadership could be achieved through collaboration with businesses.

“The museum has a special success story of growing from a grassroots vision and passion,” Foster said. “It’s ready to move into its next stage of evolution as a young museum. It motivates me and excites me to work towards that potential.”



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