How to treat fatigue with zinc

How to treat fatigue with zinc

By Thierry Lerond

So many people have hectic lives with a combination of family and work obligations. This means fatigue can peak right around the mid afternoon and that’s usually the time when someone reaches for another cup of coffee for a quick burst of energy.For those who do suffer from fatigue, they know all too well how it hinders their potential from being at their very best when it comes to their overall daily performance and ability to make decisions.Fatigue has a variety of symptoms such as:

• Digestive problems

• Irritability

• Loss of appetite

• Sleepiness

• Depression

Ongoing fatigue may also leave someone susceptible to catching a common cold or flu.

The good news is that zinc can help with fatigue issues and give someone more energy throughout the day. And not just any zinc, but specifically, zinc from oysters. By all means, avoid synthetic zinc made in laboratories. Instead, find a marine-based supplement which offers the most natural form of zinc.

One of the finest zinc supplements out there is created and manufactured by Nutrilys Del Mar based in Carlsbad. It’s called Premium Oyster Powder and all of its nutrients are organic and 100 percent bio-available.

Simply, bio-available defines a substance such as a drug or supplement which is absorbed by the body. This is important, because nutritionally, the digestive system will soak up the nutrients which will move into the bloodstream.

A good oyster powder transports molecules such as peptides and amino acids.

Bio-availability is what enhances a supplement such as zinc.

Oysters possess the largest amounts of zinc. Yes, even higher than red meat. A high quality oyster powder supplement is potent and packs a boost of effective results.

In addition to fatigue, a lack of zinc in the diet may also include:

• Premature aging

• Low libido

• Prostate challenges

• Compromised immunity

• Macular degeneration

Oyster powder also encourages the healthy growth and maintenance of hair, skin and nails.

Often described as one of the most important minerals in the body, it really promotes body enzyme activity.

The ocean is rich with nutrients. And adding an oyster powder into a diet is a wise decision because it’s such a natural choice.

An exceptional oyster powder will also have elements of zinc co-factors, such as:

  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Strontium
  • Silicon

All these trace ingredients are harmonious components for the body. They are considered as “superoxide dismutases” which are filled with antioxidants and ward off free radicals.

As with adding any new supplement to a diet, please consult with a health care professional beforehand regarding the product and dosage amount.

While zinc from oysters can help with fatigue, as many can attest to, it can support a host of other health issues.

For more information on Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder supplements please visit or call (877) 563-0828.


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