Establishing facts for the Hwy 101 improvements in Leucadia

The Streetscape planned for the North 101 Corridor was presented, discussed, modified and approved through multiple public workshops.This public process was extended an additional year to gather and validate the late rush of participation at the fourth workshop.

A final workshop was held and Plan 4A was selected by the community as the preferred plan. While not all parties received all they requested, a cohesive plan was developed that met a majority of the workshop attendees’ goals. This public process took five years to complete with a December 2010 City Council approval.

This Streetscape plan was approved by the Community, Planning Commission and then the Encinitas City Council. City of Encinitas Planning, Engineering, Traffic, Fire and Parks & Recreation are working together to implement the plan and provide public safety components while meeting with local, state and federal requirements.

Round-abouts, parking, sidewalks and a lane reduction will return this section of 101 to a community road, not an Interstate 5 cut through as it is now. Many communities on the 101 are seeking the same “Complete Streets” that accommodate vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians in a harmonious balance. Please visit our website all the specific Streetscape information,

It’s always good to have the facts.

The Leucadia Streetscape Improvements are currently funded through TransNet dollars from SANDAG and not through Encinitas General Fund or Reserves. The complete implementation of the Streetscape Projects is planned to be funded through the TransNet funds built up in the Streetscape’s Capital Improvement Plan fund as well as matching local, state and federal grants. We are fortunate to have alternate funding sources for this project.

The recently approved Sharrows and Road Diet Project will provide much needed traffic safety in our corridor. This plan was approved by the Traffic Commission and then by the City Council.

The City has already begun to reestablish the tree canopy by planting 101 trees out of the approximately 1,000 planned. The reestablishment of the tree canopy was one of the top goals that came out of the public workshops, road safety being another top goal. These are just a few of the improvements that have happened and are scheduled to occur in Leucadia.

Leucadia 101 Main Street Association was founded to make sure that the City of Encinitas maintained its promise with the community-drafted, and City Council Approved, North Highway 101 Specific Plan.

The Leucadia 101 Main Street Association follows the format overseen by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. There are approximately 2,500 programs nationally and they are financed through different mechanisms. Public property tax assessment based financing structures fund the majority of the Main Street Associations.

Leucadia 101 is not funded through these types of property tax assessments. The Leucadia Main Street Association, as well as other Encinitas civic organizations, receives funds from the City of Encinitas to run community programs. We also receive grants from the County of San Diego. These funds allow us to put on events like Summer Fun on the 101, Leucadia Art Walk, Howl-o-Ween, Light Up Leucadia, Light Pole Banners and many more at no cost to the residents. Leucadia 101 strives to become self-sufficient. We endeavor to promote Leucadia as the Art and Soul of Encinitas, maintain our unique place, and keep our wonderful local businesses open in the tough economy.

Our organization is comprised of 15 volunteers who are Property Owners, Business Owners and Residents in an equal mix with a few part-time staff members.

We work with the City of Encinitas to make sure that Leucadia’s needs are being met and we don’t always agree with City Staff or Elected Officials. Our function is purely for the benefit of Leucadia.

I would ask that anyone interested in participating in a committee or just becoming a member, to visit our web site for more information


Leucadia 101 Main Street Association Board of Directors

William Morrison, President

Steve Shackelton, Vice President, Design Chairman

Gene Chapo, Treasurer

Patricia Bell, Secretary

Morgan Mallory, Organization Chairman

Elena Thompson, Promotions Chairwoman

Peter Curry, Economic Development Chairman

Kevin Doyle

Charles Marvin

Fred Caldwell

Justin Masunaga

Henry Harmeling IV

Michael Marckx

Michael Schmitt

Nick Winfrey


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