City salutes police officer

OCEANSIDE — The Oceanside Police Department named Officer Matt Lyons as the Officer of the Quarter Award for the second quarter of 2012.

The Oceanside Police Department honored Officer Matt Lyons as the Officer of the Quarter. Courtesy photo

Lyons was selected because of his diligence and proactive focus within the Crown Heights Neighborhood, where prior to his assignment to this beat, there was a spike in gang activity to include gang-related homicides and a series of shootings.

During this quarter, Officer Lyons took it upon himself to take extra steps both on and off duty to assure residents in this community of the department’s commitment to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their neighborhood.

These steps included, but were not limited to, meeting with the staff of North County Lifeline at the Americanization School on a regular basis, spending quality time with community youth, serving as a neighborhood ambassador and encompassing the community policing philosophy to build partnerships and immediately address crime issues swiftly and fairly.

Additionally, the Commander of the Field Operation Division, Capt. Tom Aguigui said in his letter announcing the award. “In addition to your outstanding efforts in Crown Heights, your supervisory staff received numerous calls and letters from various community groups, citizens, and non-profit organizations commending you (Officer Lyons) for your genuine concern for those who live, work and visit the city of Oceanside.”

The Officer of the Quarter award recognizes police department employees who have provided exemplary service to the community or performed in a manner worthy of recognition. Lyons is a retired U.S. Marine of 22 years and a 12-year veteran of the Oceanside Police Department.



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