Trashcans being delivered

CARLSBAD — After delivering more than 100,000 trash carts to 30,000 Carlsbad households, Waste Management will begin exchanging different cart sizes on July 9 based on resident needs.Carlsbad residents who want more or different sized trash carts may contact Waste Management to arrange an exchange by emailing or calling 866-WM-RECYCLE with name, address, and the cart size and type they wish to have exchanged.

Waste Management will begin making exchanges the week of July 9. Exchanges will take place on customers’ regular trash days. The cart exchanges will follow the same schedule as the initial roll out, with those neighborhoods who received their carts during the first week of June being the first to have their carts exchanged, and so on.

Throughout the month of June, Waste Management delivered more than 100,000 trash carts to 30,000 Carlsbad households.

More than 12,000 residents returned cart order forms indicating the number and size of the carts they wanted. Residents who did not return an order form received one each of the 95-gallon trash, recycling and green waste carts. According to Somers, some residents found the default cart size was too large for their needs and have requested smaller cart sizes to better accommodate their household.

Waste Management has ordered additional 35 and 65 gallon carts to meet these residents’ needs.

In the meantime, Waste Management asks that residents continue to use the carts that were initially delivered so that weekly collection service can be provided.



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