Association reviews Art Jury process

Association reviews Art Jury process
The 2012-13 Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors are: Roxana Foxx, Larry Spitcausfky, Rochelee Putnam, Ann Boon, Anne Feighner and Eamon Callahan. Not pictured is new board member Craig McAllister, who was absent from the meeting. Photo by Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The first Association meeting of the new fiscal year included new officers Roxana Foxx as president, Anne Feighner as vice president and Larry Spitcaufsky as treasurer. The July 5 meeting was also the first for new board members Rochelle Putnam and Craig McAllister. 

Chief of the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, Matt Wellhouser, reported to the board that the annual Fourth of July parade went off safely.

“It was controlled chaos,” Wellhouser joked. “It was a good parade and a really good turnout.

He said the patrol had help from the sheriff’s office and the CHP at the event.

“It was a like a moving block party,” Putnam said.

“I don’t know where all those people are coming from,” Wellhouser said.

Peter Smith, Association manager, said that Shannon Mountain, who works at the front desk of the Association office, coordinated the event.

“She did a knockout job. She pulled the whole thing together,” Smith said.

In other Association news, Foxx, Feighner, Spitcaufsky, Smith and Steven Comstock were authorized to sign checks over the amount of $1,000 that require two signatures.

Ivan Holler, planning director, reported to the Association that the stucco removal from the Osuna Adobe will begin July 9 or July 10. This is the next step in restoring the adobe.

Also at the meeting, Robert Green, building commissioner, briefed the board about the Art Jury process and what happens if an applicant appeals.

“As there has not been an appeal to the Association board for several years, the subject presentation is to familiarize the board with the process and the role the board plays in the process,” Green said.

There is a mediation process before an item is put before the board, which has the final say. But that seldom happens. Usually, the issue can be solved before it is forced to go before the board.

Green said the Art Jury is made up of five members who are appointed by the Association board to three-year terms. It meets every two weeks and either approves or denies building and remodel projects within the Covenant.

The process has been in existence sine 1928.

“At the time, they were pretty thorough about artistic goals,” Green said.

He said there are few appeals because most people go through the process by getting the opinion of the Art Jury before having building plans.

During the past several years, 162 applications were approved right away.

Twenty-one were approved after the first revision. Twelve were approved after the second review and 10 were denied.

“Most of the time, the board and Art Jury are marching together,” Green said. The successful project usually starts with a workshop process during which the Art Jury can give advice about how the project can be accepted. Then the project is ready for the preliminary application. When that passes the Art Jury, then the final application can be filed, after which the building permit can be pulled.

“Most people will avail of the workshop process and listen to that advice,” he said.

Green said the applicant does not have to lay down funds up front to know if the project is feasible as planned if they keep in contact with the Art Jury.



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