Surfers take part in International Surf Day

CARLSBAD — For many surfers it was surf then work on International Surf Day on June 20. To celebrate the day, more than 300 surfers hit the waves off Ponto Beach where SPY optics organized a morning of food, fun and recycling.

“It’s a day to get together, surf and enjoy the beach,” Nick Borrelli, a private surf instructor, said.

Borrelli, 23, has been surfing since he was age 7. He now teaches surfing including therapy lessons for Wounded Warriors injured military men and women. Borrelli said surfing is both a physical and spiritual sport that physically engages people and connects them with the environment.


Finley Dicus, 8, and Mike Dicus, both of Carlsbad, join over 300 surfers at Ponto Beach for International Surf Day. Photo by Promise Yee

Borrelli added taking care of oceans and beaches is part of paying reverence to the sport he loves.

A beach cleanup and EPS foam recycling by Waste to Waves was part of day’s activities. Beachgoers could grab a bag and pick up trash or drop off their recyclable foam at the Waste to Waves truck parked by festival shade tents.

EPS foam cannot be recycled through most cities’ recycling efforts.

“The city will not take it,” Ian Riggs, SPY public relations specialist, said. “It has to go through a special channel or it goes right to the trash. This is the only opportunity to recycle it.”

Waste to Waves has EPS foam drop-off bins at several surf shops in North County. The company also picks up foam on demand from businesses and residents. Packing foam and some surfboard blanks are recyclable.

Another highlight of the event was free surf lessons given by SPY optics surf team riders.

Novice surfers were given one-on-one instruction on how to take off, stand and ride in waves on foam boards.

Keely Ferguson, 9, of Carlsbad, was one of the students. Her mother Sandra Ferguson said Keely goes out surfing with her dad, but it was great to have a competitive level surfer show her daughter techniques.

“A team rider has been helping her all morning,” Sandra Ferguson said.

SPY optics is a sports sunglass company founded and run by competitive and professional athletes. SPY sunglasses are crafted in Italy and China and sold internationally. They are designed to be fashionable and highly functional in rigorous sports, such as BMX riding and snowboarding.


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